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Thanks but I need the pagination support so I ended up using the simple solution found at here: http://www.icefaces.org/JForum/posts/list/4520.page
I have the same issue. Since you didn't receive any responses, I gather this must be an ICEfaces bug.
I upgraded from 1.7.1 to 1.7.2-SP1 and that problem has been resolved. The one thing I noticed is that when I initially go to a screen with the FCKeditor, the entire page refreshes. Is this by design?
Does this apply to Ajax apps where I really only have one screen? E.g., I have an email application where on the left side there is a list of emails. When I click on it, the Rich Text Editor is displayed with its contents. Then I click on another item, the Rich Text Editor is displayed with that email's contents. So, it's a new "page" but there is no refresh of the entire screen. Each email is a separate bean.

Anyway, I'm having this issue. The funny thing though is if I don't click on the Save button, the contents change correctly. As soon as I click on the Save button and go to another item, the previous contents gets displayed. For debugging purposes, I output the bean's contents with <ice:outputText> and it shows the correct contents. So there's definitely a problem with the FCKeditor not picking up the bean's value after the Save button is clicked. Or is this not supported?

adnan.durrani wrote:

More than one instance of inputRichText on the same page is not currently supported.


When the connection is dropped, a popup displays to reload the page. The problem is that if the connection drops while another popup is being displayed. In this case, the Network popup gets displayed but is is disabled and behind any other popups. Is there a workaround for this?
No, that' just a typo when I was cleaning up the code to post. I didn't do a straight copy-n-paste. If you look at Kobo's original sample, he has the same issue without the semicolon. Also, in IE, it gives a syntax error if it were actually written that way.
Here's the fix for FF 2.

The following is a workaround.
         var oldFocus = currentFocus;
         var cmd = document.getElementById("appletForm:notify");
         // FireFox doesn't process the cmd.click() correctly
         // so do it this way instead
         var form = document.getElementById("appletForm");
         currentFocus = cmd.id;
         iceSubmit(form, cmd, new Object());
         currentFocus = oldFocus;
Did you ever find a workaround for this? When using JavaScript to fire a commandButton.click() method, it tries to access the URL with "http://localhost/ iceSubmit('appletForm');". The JavaScript code works fine in IE and Chrome but fails with FireFox. The following is the code with everything stripped out. I'm using Facelets.
             value="#{myBean.appletNotifier.status}" />
             action="#{myBean.appletNotifier.notifyClicked}" />

Yes, that is the case. That's exactly what I wanted it to do. Thanks!
Oh, wait. I just read your message again. You said to set the PanelTabSet's immediate property to true. I didn't try that. I set all the components' immediate property to true. I'll have to try that. That may be what I'm looking for. Thanks!
On each tab, I have a submit button and I want validation to take place only if they click the button. Otherwise, if they click another tab, I don't want the form to be "submitted". Anyway, I do have a workaround but I was hoping that there was simpler way to do it.
Let me know if you have a workaround for this. I also would like to bypass the validation phase when a new tab is selected.
I haven't seen this thread yet but we've been using ICEfaces+dojo for over a year now, first with 1.5.3 and now 1.7.1. It was only when we attempted to switch over to facelets in 1.7.1 that things went awry. Since we are trying to move away from dojo, we didn't want to put any further effort into it.
The problem turned out to be my inclusion of <f:verbatim><![CDATA[]]></f:verbatim> surround <head>. After I got rid of those tags, then Ajax push started working. Unfortunately, the dojo libraries seem to be wreaking havoc. So I'll have to get rid of those as well.
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