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this is the code i use:
 final SwingController lController = new SwingController();
 final PropertiesManager lProperties = new PropertiesManager(System.getProperties(), ResourceBundle.getBundle(PropertiesManager.DEFAULT_MESSAGE_BUNDLE));    lProperties.set(PropertiesManager.PROPERTY_SHOW_TOOLBAR_ANNOTATION, FALSE);
     lProperties.set(PropertiesManager.PROPERTY_SHOW_TOOLBAR_FIT, FALSE);
     lProperties.set(PropertiesManager.PROPERTY_SHOW_TOOLBAR_FORMS, FALSE);
     lProperties.set(PropertiesManager.PROPERTY_SHOW_TOOLBAR_PAGENAV, TRUE);
     lProperties.set(PropertiesManager.PROPERTY_SHOW_TOOLBAR_ROTATE, FALSE);
     lProperties.set(PropertiesManager.PROPERTY_SHOW_TOOLBAR_TOOL, FALSE);
     lProperties.set(PropertiesManager.PROPERTY_SHOW_TOOLBAR_UTILITY, TRUE);
     lProperties.set(PropertiesManager.PROPERTY_SHOW_TOOLBAR_ZOOM, TRUE);
     lProperties.set(PropertiesManager.PROPERTY_SHOW_UTILITY_PRINT, TRUE);
     lProperties.set(PropertiesManager.PROPERTY_SHOW_UTILITY_OPEN, TRUE);
     lProperties.set(PropertiesManager.PROPERTY_SHOW_UTILITY_SAVE, TRUE);
     lProperties.set(PropertiesManager.PROPERTY_SHOW_UTILITY_SEARCH, FALSE);
     lProperties.set(PropertiesManager.PROPERTY_SHOW_UTILITY_UPANE, FALSE);
     lProperties.set("application.showLocalStorageDialogs", FALSE);
     final SwingViewBuilder lFactory = new SwingViewBuilder(lController, lProperties);

I tried it with setBoolean(String, Boolean) and set(String, String).

All Properties a working but the PopUp is still coming up when the ICEPdf Viewer is loading.

kind regards,

I used the property as described below. It does not work :(

All other properties do work.

I also updated to version 6.1.2 to avoid any version problems.

Any ideas?

kind regards

Hi Ken,

I checked the sources. Yes, the parameter is used in the code but it is not available as public static key.

So I have to use it like this:
Properties.setBoolean(PropertiesManager.PROPERTY_SHOW_UTILITY_SAVE, Boolean.TRUE);
 lProperties.setBoolean(PropertiesManager.PROPERTY_SHOW_UTILITY_SEARCH, Boolean.FALSE);
 lProperties.setBoolean(PropertiesManager.PROPERTY_SHOW_UTILITY_UPANE, Boolean.FALSE);
 lProperties.setBoolean("application.showLocalStorageDialogs", Boolean.FALSE);

I will check if it works.

kind regards
Hi Ken,

thanks for your reply.

If was working with these properties before, but I did not noticed that one because it is not available as public key in the org.icepdf.ri.util.PropertiesManager. Is there a special reason for that?

Also, if the property disables the popup in the UI... Does the application save user settings or not?

kind regards
Hello everybody,

I'm using version 6.1.1 of ICEPdf Viewer in a Java application.

The viewer works fine so far but before opening a PDF it aks if I'm willing to create a folder in my windows user directory to save viewer settings in it.

Can I avoid this? May be just a setting to say allways yes or no.

Thanks in advance.

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