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Nope, I'll consider it
Yes but currently our server's JRE is not 1.8 so... I'm doing the best I can :-)
I can provide a PDF File but not in public, to respect owner's privacy and my company security policy.
No way to have 6.3 OS libs for Java 1.7 min ?
Today I reverted back to 6.1.3 Community because I have a problem with a document. It has digital signatures embedded and rendered as unique pages. With 6.1.3, the signature is correctly displayed as an image when using "getPageImage()".

With 6.2.5 it renders a black image.

To respect the owner privacy I can't upload the PDF document on the forum.

I'm using IcePDF 6.2.5 community edition (cannot use 6.3 because our server is running a JDK 1.7 server). The issue I'm talking about occurs with IcePDF 6.1.3.

I'm trying to convert the following PDF :

I just open the document by setting the byte array, and use the getPageImage() to store in a BufferedImage. The result is written to the client with

ImageIO.write(img, "pdf", baos)
 request.setAttribute(FilesUtils.REQUEST_IMAGE, baos.toByteArray()

I get the following result :

PDF properties say that the document is using Verdana and Verdana bold fonts, but these fonts are not embedded in the document. The issue occurs on a local Windows system (tesing in local with IBM WAS 8.5) and also on a production server (also IBM WAS 8.5).

According to our policy I can't send you the entire PDF.

Some properties :

- PDF version : 1.4
- Format : 279,4 x 215,9 mm
- Fonts : ArialMT CID (embedded, which is correcty displayed), Helvetica, Verdana Type 3, Verdana-Bold Type 3.

How to fix this ?
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