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Currently we are using 6.1.1 version of icepdf
Any updates?????
Any update.????
I am attaching the full pdf which contains the error.The error is on page 7 and 9.
As this document is confidential and it contain the details of patient so the client have manipulated with the PDF, that shows the error - But to remove the details , we had to convert the file into a Word document -> remove all headers with the detail- and 'blind' the patient information on the first page.
Please let me know if you find any way reason that why this error is coming.

Thanks and Regards,
Keshav Dhamija
any update on this???
sorry i only have these screenshots as these error is not consistent we got these screenshots from the coustmer
2 more files with same problem
As the error is not consistent .I am attaching 2 file .Both the files are same but the first file is with error and second is without error.
I want to print a record.pages are generated.Print is set to PDF printer which saves the file to disk.On some page after "é" everthing is missing including "é".
And their are also some pages on which everything is present not content missing after including "é".
The error is not consistent
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