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Using the panelStack component in the 'showcase' I tried a similar test: adding a new panel with a dataTable in it. The contents of the dataTable are always rendered on the server even if the corresponding panel it is in will not be displayed.

Is it possible this is similar to a support case that was tracked in http://jira.icesoft.org/browse/ICE-11239 "ace:tabSet - tabPane with ace:dataTable being instantiated when not shown"? It appears the fix for this bug was applied to EE-4.2.0.GA. Was that fix included in the open source release of 4.3.0 ?
I checked out the 4.3 showcase examples and modified http://icefaces-showcase.icesoft.org/showcase.jsf?grp=ace:tabSet to include another tabPane with cache="none" whose source is /resources/examples/ace/dataTable/dataTableLazyLoading.xhtml. The tabSet has clientSide="false". I have added a println in org.icefaces.samples.showcase.example.ace.dataTable.DataTableLazyLoading.load(). Switching between any tabs in the example results in the DataTableLazyLoading.load() method to be called twice. I only want the DataTableLazyLoading.load() to be called when switching to the tab that displays it.

Am I misunderstanding the JSF lifecycle? Do I have a configuration wrong? Is my expectation invalid?

 <ace:tabPane id="football" label="DataTableLazyLoading - cache=none" cache="none">
  <h:panelGrid >
   <ui:include src="/resources/examples/ace/dataTable/dataTableLazyLoading.xhtml" />

rishisinghal11, did you find a replacement for the DomContext ?
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