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Good Day,

may we all understand that org.icepush, org.icefaces, com.icesoft components :
1/ up to 1.8.x where using Apache commons-logging "logging engine API" (commons-logging.properties to the src folder)
2/ and from 2.0.x they are re-coded to use java.util.logging "logging engine API" (-Djava.util.logging.config.file=\path\to\logging.properties)

if so, this would made world greater to write it simply

I currently face cases where agent desktop (thin client) gets disconnected from tomcat server
IceFaces version is 2.0.0 between Tomcat 7.0.23 and IE8 browser.

I think there is a network issue, but I have to analyse the heartbeats in server logs
I wiresharked interfaces very well, and see PING (GET) PONG (HTTP 200) between browser and tomcat.
I googled a lot, and all in all I only found a few logging options

org.icefaces.level = FINER
org.icepush.level = FINER
com.icesoft.level = FINER
javax.faces.level = FINER
com.sun.faces.level = FINER

And I placed them in the logging.properties file
I obtained those traces in the catalina.out file (with confirmation that Icepush version is 2.0.0) :
Oct 26, 2018 1:53:33 PM org.icepush.servlet.MainServlet <init>
ICEsoft Technologies Inc.
ICEpush-EE 2.0.0.GA_PUSH-148
Build number: 3
Revision: 24431

But still nothing about heartbeat logs..
Can you please place me on the right way to activate heartbeat logs ?

if help appreciated
thank you

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