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ok I will try to change the version of the library that I use.
for example, I will send one pdf file that has a password.
the next picture
yes im using java for my program, and i use two library to process the pdf (icepdf-viewer-4.3.3.jar and icepdf-core-4.3.3.jar).

if i using this code (see picture 1) i can use it normally.
but when I want to open PDF which has an open password automatically (the password is set into the program) I even experience problems (the picture 2 is on next reply).
Thankyou for your answer.
But i have tried the code and the results of the document are not open.
Can you give me a example how to use the code ? maybe i use it wrong
I wonder to how to decrypt pdf by password?
i need to decrypt a pdf when i open it without asking any password.
can you give me a solution for this problem ?

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