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I am using the version 5.1.0_27 of icepdf and have two basic jar files of icepdf-core and icepdf-viewer. When I open file from local machine, it openes fine. But when I put a remote url on the filepath, I get this error:
ICEpdf could not open the specified file at http://www.icepdf.org/resources/DevelopersGuide.pdf. 
 The file may be corrupted or not a supported file type.
The file in question is http://www.icepdf.org/resources/DevelopersGuide.pdf.

Can you guide me on this error. I am fairly new to this product of yours and I am also not using maven and gradle.

Thank you.
Hey, I'm getting same error with my version being 5.1.0_27. Can you tell me how did you resolve it. I am not using maven and gradle so that I can build from source.
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