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Take a look at this now. I'll have an answer shortly.
Hi Steve;

Thanks for the feedback. I've reproduced your problem and will make sure a bug is created for it.

Another css work around might be to over ride the form tag and apply any addition css with the style attribute:

    padding: 0;
    margin: 0;

The panelTabSet render uses a html table to help with browser compatibility across a variety of browsers on different platforms. The panelTabSet render would have to be rewritten to render a div instead of a series of tables. Your div based tabPanel is pretty cool, it could be used to build your own panelTabSet equivalent.

To build your own panelTabSet equivalent you'll need to combine your existing code with a ice:panelStack component. Your anchor tags can be replaced with with either a commandLink or commandButton where the action or actionListener will manipulate the selected panel in the panelStack.

You can read more on how to use the panelStack at: http://facestutorials.icefaces.org/tutorial/stackingPanel-tutorial.html

I've tried pretty hard to duplicate your problem but have had no luck. You syntax for the navigation rule and component usage looks correct. Maybe you could verify your server logs to see if the action listener call is generating an errors.

Could you tell me a bit more about your JSF environment? Are you using Facelets or MyFaces?

Hello Siarhei;

Glad to hear that you found a solution to your problem. My expandable table works a little differently but I think it is still worth a look. This example takes advantage of several dataTable components to allow the display of hidden rows which might have a different column count then the parent row. The example code is attached. The Products Bean constructor contains code which builds up the data hierarchy for this example.

Extract this zip to the icefaces/samples folder where it can be build with ant.

Hello Siarhei;

The expandable table example doesn't quite do what you need. However I'll send you an example of how you can use the dataTable comonent to build the expandable table that you have specified.

I was just testing your problem with the component-showcase and could not reproduce it. Can you tell me what components or HTML elements that surround the ice:menuBar?
Hello Mauricio;

Your code snippet seems to be valid. I was able to add it to my project without any problems. You might want to make sure that you panelTabSet is surrounded by a <ice:form> tag.

If your still having trouble attach your full selogin.jspx page and I'll check it over.

I've worked with JSC2 to do some basic tools testing. I also noticed that it was a little slow out of the box. Here is a memory tweak that helped performance on my machine with 1GB of memory.


With the following line
-J-Xms256m -J-Xmx512m -J-XX:PermSize=64m -J-XX:MaxPermSize=256m

I've run Net Beans 5.5 on my home machine and it is quite quick but I haven't done any JSF development with it only Swing development.
Try removing the f:subview tags and replace them with f:view tags. This should fix your JavaScript problem and allow you to use the fieldset tag.
Hi Dave;

JSP includes work a little bit differently then includes in standard JSP. ICEfaces currently statically includes files before parse time. The preferred method for this is as follows:

<jsp:directive.include file="./includeTest.jsp" />

We currently have a known issue with some custom component and subviews but given that the includes are static the notion of using subview is no longer needed. For your example subviews should work but as a test try removing them and making sure that you have an ice:form surrounding your form input elements either in your include page or in the parent JSP file.

Hi Dave;

No problem, just send your files to my icesoft account and I can take a look. If you can sent source that would be good too as it will give me more to work with.

My first few applicationw here a little slow too, but once you get a few tags under you belt you can do some really cool stuff very quickly.

We currently use CSS to position the modal pop-up. The component showcase uses an absolute position of 300px by 600px from the top left of the browsers layout. It is possible to substitute a percentage values for the absolute position coordinate:

style="z-index:1001; top: 35%; left: 35%; width: 300px; height: 150px; position:absolute;"

Using a percentage to absolute position the modal pop-up is unfortunately not perfect as it fails to take into account the width and height when positioning top-left corner of the modal pop-up. However, if you play with the percentages you can get a pop-up that is placd more aesthetically then just using absolute coordinates.
Hi Alex;

You're in luck, you can get rid of the border by adding the following attribute to the styleClass declaration:

border-collapse: collapse;

Hello Alex;

You have two options in JSF for getting an anchor; commandLink and outputLink. In order to get plain html tags to show up you must add them to a panelGroup. Please see the attached example.

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