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We use icepush in v3.3 and it usually works fine. For one user on chrome, but not others, we sometimes see the browser making a request for:


Just like that. Normally ice requests have the path


But every once in a while it just gets listen.icepush, no extensions and in the wrong path. So our app doesn't know what to do with it.

Any idea why this is here and how to stop it?

I'm putting a data export component on my web pages like this, using icefaces 3.3:

 <ace:dataExporter type="pdf" target="Report"
 	styleClass="buttonexport" fileName="Report">
 	<h:graphicImage value="/images/pdf.png" alt="PDF" title="Export to PDF" />

When we load the page, either 1 or 2 blank pdf files are created in a new export folder in my war exploded folder. We are running on wildfly 20.

The files look like this : export_1604356650264.pdf

If we then push the export button, it works but the files just remain as blank.

Does anyone know why or better yet, how to stop that?

Thank you!

If anyone is still here, do you know of a way to make the filter boxes vertical align on the header? We have wide tables so sometimes the header is more than one row, making the filter box mis-align.

I attached a picture of one column to show what we mean. But with many columns, it's all up/down across the page. Any way to force the filter box to align at the bottom of the header?

Thank you!
I have an ace:datatable inside a dialog popup. Something very simple like below. We are using 3.3 latest with a couple of leftover 1.8 compat still in the app, so haven't fully moved to 4 yet.

 				<ace:dialog header="Manage Access" 
 					visible="#{AdhocReportBean.showManageAccessPopup}" closeOnEscape="false">
 					<ace:ajax event="close" />
 							<ace:dataTable var="action"
 								scrollable="true" scrollHeight="250">
 							<ice:outputText value="#{action.name}" />

In this code, if you have scrollable as false, it will be centered. But as true, it centers vertically but goes full left margin of the window. Does anyone know how to keep it centered if we have a scrollable table?

I think it has to do with the width being unknown because if I set a width on the dialog, it will center with scrollable=true. But if I let it be dynamic width (which is ideal for our app) then it no longer centers.

Any ideas?

Thank you!
actually, it's the difference between null and empty. Nulls are sorted at one end and empty string at the other. Makes the UI look broken.

Any way we can tell the component to sort where blank and null are the same?

I'm testing the ace components and I noticed a strange behavior on ace:datatable sorting (v3.3). When I have a blank in the column, the blank is always sorted first when either up or down.

Is that expected or do I have something weird going on in my test?


We have an old app with ice 1.8 on jboss5 we're trying to migrate to ice 3.3 on wildfly 10.1. It can start up and run a very simple .xhtml test file. But when I try one of my main pages (spring backed beans behind icefaces) it will paint the page then redeploy every time which of course logs me out, breaks the page, and all that.

Does anyone have ideas on how to find out why wildfly keeps redeploying the app? The lines below are all I see logged when I load the xhtml file:

2017-09-19 09:02:57,680 INFO  [com.handsonsecurity.accessaudit.persistence.UserManagerDAOJdbc] (default task-7) Successfully set database variables
 2017-09-19 09:03:07,016 INFO  [org.icepush.servlet.MainServlet] (default task-21) 
 ICEsoft Technologies Inc.
 ICEpush 3.3.0
 Build number: 11
 Revision: 34423
 2017-09-19 09:03:11,790 INFO  [org.jboss.as.connector.deployers.jdbc] (MSC service thread 1-2) WFLYJCA0019: Stopped Driver service with driver-name = aa.war_com.mysql.jdbc.Driver_5_1
 2017-09-19 09:03:11,804 INFO  [org.wildfly.extension.undertow] (ServerService Thread Pool -- 113) WFLYUT0022: Unregistered web context: /aa
 2017-09-19 09:03:11,817 INFO  [io.undertow.servlet] (ServerService Thread Pool -- 113) Destroying Spring FrameworkServlet 'aa'
 and so on...

If I use a very basic jsf file with nothing but ice:outputText it will work fine. It's just when I get the spring bean and full app stuff. Any ideas what to look for?
Does anyone know if the old 1.8 EE components are still out there or if they were ever made open source? I'm using 1.8 and have lots of datatables. I'm trying to find one like the ice-cc datatable that supposedly did auto filtering and sorting.

I only need that one single component to avoid writing sorting and filtering methods on every table and column. Anyone know if that's possible?

Or else does anyone know of another framework with such a filter table that can co-exist with ice 1.8?


I have an old application on ice 1.8. It works great but we're looking into updating it. So I did a test and got one key page converted from jboss 5 with ice 1.8 to wildfly 8 with ice 4.

I then compared the ice:datatable with the ace:datatable. I used the same backing bean/spring/etc... code and just changed the component from ice to ace.

In my 1.8 code, I had to implement the sort. In the ACE table, I added the sortby value. The interesting thing is the ace version is MUCH slower in both getting the data and especially the sort. I watched the CPU on the same server when sorting on a column. In the 1.8 version, it's maybe 1/2 a second and cpu bumps up a tiny bit but goes down quickly since the sort code is quick. In the ACE v4 version, it takes 2-3 seconds and gobbles a cpu during those seconds.

I know it could be wildfly and not ICE but has anyone else compared and seen similar or different results? I really could go for the auto sort and auto-filter on every table, but my customers would revolt if it slowed down this much. And this was on a data set of 8 pages of 50 each, so less than 400 entries.

Any thoughts either way?

Thank you!
Yeah, we tried one of our pages with jsf2 and it did not work.

I think an iframe might work fine. The jsp page does little more than contain header/footer and some menu links. That should be similar to our include as long as I get the style sheets and stuff.

So it sounds like our only option short of a re-write is to do an iframe to include the xhtml file instead of the jsp include.

Thank you!

We have a very old app that is mainly jsp based, and then years ago we added icefaces 1.8 support by doing things like:

<jsp:include page="/mypage.jspx" />

all over the place.

We now are thinking about upgrading to use the new ACE components and more, but are not sure how to do it. Does anyone have any ideas? I've seen posts where they say we can no longer include jsf2 pages like we did with jsp1.

I saw other posts where someone suggested creating a blank xhtml page and including the JSP into the holding page.

But the bigger challenge is all of the old JSP pages have header/footers that are not exactly standard per page, they were managed via dreamweaver long ago.

I know we can invest the time to really do templating and re-build everything, but any shortcuts you can think of? The driving force is to be able to use the ace:dataTable. We would be happy if we could just use that one component.

Thanks in advance for any great ideas!

We are still using v1.8 and have a strange behavior I'm hoping is an easy fix. We have a datatable valued to a list in the bean. Each object has a boolean and is shown on a select box.

In the mean, I sometimes will do this:

 for (Application r : entryListFull) {
 	if (r.getName().toLowerCase().contains(applicationNameSearch.toLowerCase())) {

When I do, the boolean values in the final entrylist go back to unchecked. In debugging, I see this method work fine, then later on I see the setter get called so it's something in the ice UI code that's calling the setter with false.

Is there a way to force this new list out to the page so that the page does not come back and change the object values?

THank you!
Thanks Ted, I was afraid of that. :-)


I'm converting a webapp from 1.8 to 3.0 and making progress, but it is quite a challenge. One issue is with the automatic extension mapping. I have a spring mapper that takes the request of a jsp page (page.htm) and translates/loads a .jsp page (page.jsp). This still works fine.

Inside the .jsp page, I have:

<jsp:include page="/jsp/admin_adhoc_report.jsf" />

This also works if I change the extension to xhtml or add a javax.faces.FACELETS_VIEW_MAPPINGS and javax.faces.DEFAULT_SUFFIX for .jspx.

In the .jspx /.xhtml page, I have <ice:form>.

But what does not work is inside of the rendered page (view source in browser), the form element is trying to load page.jsp. <form action="page.jsp">

Does anyone know how to make ice know to load .jspx/.xhtml as appropriate? Something is telling faces to try and load a .jsp file, not jspx/xhtml.

If I load the .jsf URL directly, it works fine but I don't have my surrounding web page that's in the .jsp file.

Any ideas?


I have a couple of icefaces pages included as <jsp:include> in old fashioned jsp pages using v1.8.2. All works well but I recently starting noticing that sometimes I'll see that auto-disconnect popup appear very briefly when I click a link. Here is the scenario:

I have a jsp page with an include to an ice jspx.

Inside the jspx, I have something like this in a table...so we have many rows, each with a unique URL:

<ice:outputLink value="#{entry.instanceURL}" rendered="#entry.printURL}">

When a user clicks that link, it works fine, but every now and then it very quickly flashes up that default connection disconnect popup. I do not have a connectionstatus component on the page, so this is the default one.

So it seems like a client-side thing where the browser senses the disconnect when I click a standard URL. Any ideas how to avoid that popup? I'm sure I could use a connectionstatus component and hide it, but then I would not see legitimate timeouts.

Any ideas?

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