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There is a simple example here of how to use the new API.

I tried the field with the 6.3.3-SNAPSHOT and it loaded fine in our viewer reference implementation. Keep me posted if you getting working on your end.
Since you are already using the SwingController a securityCallback handler is already setup for you, there should be no need to sit it directly on the doucment class.

When the file is opened in the viewer there should be a dialog that will show up to allow the user to type in a password. You are using a pretty old version of the library which may not support the documents encryption level. I would recommend updating to at least version 5, current is 6.3.x.

If you have a publicly viewable test file, I can try it and let you know if there is any problems decrypting the file.
Could you post a some more source code of how your are using out API. It looks like you are using JFrame and likely our component example?
Thanks for reporting this. It would appear that this would be the case of the DynamicZoomHandler tool was used. I'll create a ticket to make sure the reset takes place.

Thanks again.
The swing viewer RI will popup dialog if a password is required to decrypt and view the file. However I'm guessing you would like to do this programatically and you can find some more info here, https://www.icesoft.org/wiki/display/PDF/Implementing+a+SecurityCallback

I have a feeling this might be related to a few recently fixed bugs. Mainly PDF-1313 which haen't been released yet and PDF-1287 which was release in 6.3.2.

Which version of the library are you running?
I accidentally introduced this bug in 6.3.2. A check for the callback should have been made before calling


I'll get this fixed up for the next patch release. As a workaround you can add a callback or add the null pointer check.
You'll need to enable the system property -Dorg.icepdf.core.strokeAdjustmentEnabled=true
and set

This will make the lines all a bit thicker. If you need to adjust the thickness you can use the property -Dorg.icepdf.core.strokeAdjustmentValue which has a default of 0.2.
Are you able to post the actual PDF document?
Any chance you could post a sample PDF file?
Can you upload a sample file?
That's correct we moved to javax.swing.SwingWorker. It has a lot of advantages over the previous incarnation.
The 6.3. code base has 1.8 specific syntax and api calls so there is no simple way to compile it for 1.7 unfortunately.

Java 8 and higher addresses many security issues and has improved performance. It's certainly worth taking a look at...
It's hard to say without the actual file. But the digital signatures are rendered using a annotation subtype using regular PDF notation. This appearance is actually unrelated to the integrity of the digital signature it's self.

So that all said the regression is likely do to an image decode issue.
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