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What scope is the item that you're adding? You should only need to call PushRenderer.addCurrentSession() once for any user. It may take a few seconds for the push long polling and hear beat to be set up after this, so you might want to call addCurrentSession() for each user as soon as their session is initialized. Check the network traffic and see if there are any repeated calls to listen.push (which is the push heartbeat).

There are probably other details you need to take care of when using jQuery and ICEfaces together (such as re-initializing jQuery handlers after an ICEfaces DOM update), but I think your selector above might not be right. Try removing the space between iceCmdBtn and Qbutton.

You're not referring to the fact that some browsers, such as iOS 7 safari, hide part of the URL are you?

ICEfaces doesn't customize the URL in any way. Perhaps it's possible that your app is using a JSP welcome page that does a FORWARD request (<jsp:forward/>) to the starting JSF page. In that scenario the servlet container wouldn't REDIRECT from the context root to the welcome page (declared in web.xml) and then JSF would (by default) use FORWARDs for navigation as well, leaving the original context root as the current URL shown in the browser.

Try adding <redirect/> to any navigation rules declared in in your faces-config.xml. You can learn more about JSF navigation and REDIRECTs here:

So ...

execute="action actionListener @this"

what components do 'action' and 'actionListener' refer to??
The <ace:ajax> is for use with ace components. Try a standard <f:ajax> tag. Also, the terms used in the ajax attributes, have to be either keywords, starting with @, or component ids.

The <ice> tags aren't compatible with the JSF2 <f:ajax> tag. Try using a plain <h:commandButton> instead.

Yes, please attach a sample project to test.

Ok, if you'd like to attach a test case we can take a look thanks.
You can try using Flash Scope. Think of it as a temporary session storage that only survives past a redirect.

Is the partial response different in the other browsers?
If you'd like the 'Save as..' dialog to open, set attachment="true" on the ice:outputResource component.

Try using the clientId (ie. the id of the HTML element that you want to set focus to), rather than the id of the component, which won't be the same.
Is nameInputTextId a string in the javascript context? I'm not clear on how nameInputTextId.focus() would work. Have you tried JavaScriptContext.applicationFocus(FacesContext ctx, String id)?
It's only in the trunk. Details are in the jira.
Looks like you're missing xmlns:ice on the ui:composition tag. But why not just change ice:panelGrid to h:panelGrid?
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