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Meanwhile, i solved the problem using another approach... i am using an user-defined ListDataModel and getting the information from it.


PD: I am testing other components, and i will send you all my findings.
When the page is greater than the current browser window, the Session Expired message scrolls with the page. The result is not appropiated.

Is it possible to add some kind of "background-attachment: fixed;" or something like that to the CSS to keep all the screen grayed??.

Is it possible to customize the session expired message style??

PD: Internationalization for the message (or parameter defined message) will be great too.
I try to use an int property as param for a commandLink inside a dataTable... just like...

<f:facet name="header">
<ice:outputText value="number"/>
<f: param name="consecutivo"
value="#{transaccion.number}" />

but, when the page is rendering, the program abort and i can't get any response from the server. (in the browser i don't get any response)

when i refresh the page i get the following error...

java.lang.ClassCastException: java.lang.Integer
com.icesoft.faces.renderkit.dom_html_basic.CommandLinkRenderer.getJavascriptHiddenFieldSetters(Unknown Source)
com.icesoft.faces.renderkit.dom_html_basic.CommandLinkRenderer.getJavaScriptOnClickString(Unknown Source)
com.icesoft.faces.renderkit.dom_html_basic.CommandLinkRenderer.renderOnClick(Unknown Source)
com.icesoft.faces.renderkit.dom_html_basic.CommandLinkRenderer.encodeBegin(Unknown Source)
I believe the documentation is outdated.

For example, the documentation in the new release of ICEFacesCE-1.0 includes options for "ice:outputProgress" like "indeterminateActiveClass" and "indeterminateInactiveClass"... but you cannot use that options.
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