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I am new to ICEFaces, since I have some background in JSF and other component suite. I found it is easy to accept the concept. But I found it is hard to deal with styles.

I am trying to do basically the same thing with the component-showcase, with a tree at the left and a table at the right. I copy the code and did some modification. Now my jspx file looks almost the same as those in component-showcase, but just the font, table columns styles are all different. I am stuck here for long time. can you help? Attached are the file. the style sheet is the same as showcase_style.css ( I renamed it to main.css).

I copy and modified showcase.jspx to main.jspx, and table.jspx to my table.jspx. My beans are simple java class that returns some dummy data.

I have attached the main.jspx and table.jspx here.
Hi, I want to find out if ICEFaces will have a wizard component soon. But I checked the URL you pointed to and it is hard to me to find the answer.

So, any wizard support soon?
In the component-showcase example, we can see a footer at the end of the page, but you have to scroll to the end of the page to see it.
Is there a way to make it always show up?
Thanks for the answer. Do you have any examples for the lazy loading?
to clarify myself:
1. I want to know if browser will have memory issue or becomes too slow for 1000 tree node.

2. Will the browser fetch the whole tree data and save it in the client side or it just fetch the root node first, when user expand it, it go get the children for the root?
correct. I want to only fetch the needed data for one page not the whole, when expand/collapse or go to new page.
I know how to fetch data one page at a time without expand/collapse by providing a LazyFetchDataModel, just don't know how to do it when expand/collapse are added.
Then if after clicking on expand, it doesn't refetch the data. How can I make the child showup?
Does anyone have any idea how big a tree can be without much performance and memory issue on the UI side (think the backend is very fast)?

We are thinking to show a tree that can have 1000 nodes, is it going to be a problem?

Also, does the tree fetch data for all the nodes or just visible nodes. ( I mean if it only fetch data for the child nodes when they expand the parent node)
I want to be able to BOTH expand/collapse and pagination (lazy feeding).
Here is what I am thinking:
When user clicks on the arrow to expand/collapse, I can set a flag in my LazyFeedingDataModel and make it do the right thing (based on if expanded). I am not sure is that how the table knows it needs to call DataModel method again? Is it true that after the click, the table will redraw itself and fetch the new data?
I tried the approach mentioned in
and it worked.

Now my table don't need to fetch data all at once. But I have further question, my end goal is to have a expandable table that is paginated that fetch data page by page.

From the expandable table example, I can see the expand/collapse can call a method in the bean, but how can I make it work with my lazy fetch DataModel?

I copied the code from the component overview from the ICEsoft website. so omponentLayoutRootTable I just copied it. Are you saying once you remove it, the border disappear?
The showcase can "show" the data page by page. My goal is to not asking backend for all the 30 rows all at once, but just to ask the first 10 rows when the first page is shown(say, I have 10 rows in a page), then when the user navigate to the second page, I ask backend for the 11-20th rows. But the table should still knows that I have 30 totally, I am showing 10-20 out of the 30.
Does anybody done this before?
I want to show a table without any lines to seperate the table cells. I tried border="0" and rules="none". How come it doesn't work.




<ice:outputText value="#{car.name}" />

<ice:outputText value="#{car.type}" />



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