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Hi RSY Narayan

This is a commercial support issue. I will follow up with you on email directly to assist.


Brian McKinney
Maybe try creating a different user name and seeing if the problem persists. It could be that our gibberish filters are rejecting your name choice for some reason. Either way we are looking into it and will let you know.

We are shooting to have some kind of 1.8.X OS release containing a bunch of bug fixes sometime in April. I am not sure of the details of what is in or out at this time yet however.

Brian McKinney
Well guys, I admire your passion but I think both parties have said about all there is to say on this matter. Since this debate no longer seems to be advancing the forum discussion or focussed on resolving technical issues I am going to lock it down. Hope you don't mind.

For what it's worth (believe me or not, your choice) Dexter1 is not an ICEsoft employee as far as I can tell. We do request that all our employees use their real name when on forums. When he first posted I did track down his origins which showed as being somewhere in Germany.

With respect to the issue of bugs in PrimeFaces, there are bugs like there is in all software, but I personally believe there far fewer than in most software projects. We wouldn't have chosen to fork it if we thought it was bad. And as for those bugs that we did find as part of the exercise? We fixed 'em. Wasn't that the point?

Brian McKinney

Which version of JSF are you using with 7.0.0? I think you need to be using Mojarra 2.1.3+

Also as an aside, are you seeing any "duplicate" messaging when you file posts? We are receiving 3 or 4 copies for every post we receive from you.

Please advise as to which version of ICEfaces you are using and which data table component (i.e. ice vs. ace?) and we can probably help you out.


One question and one suggestion:

1) what version of ICEfaces are you deployed on?
2) If you are interested our EE products do have some additional software to help improve performance on IE 6/7/8. This is commercial software and not sure if it will help. But it might be worthwhile to contact sales. They can at least set you up with a free 30 day trial.


I have passed you query onto our sales support group. They can set you up with a trial version of our EE software that has a bunch of literature that might assist here.


Support for WAS 8 is expected to be available with our EE release at the end of the month. If you need support prior to that please contact your support rep. Things are working pretty well on that now and we can likely give you support prior to the release.


It is kind of hard for us to provide support on this vintage of release. Is it possible for you to upgrade to IF 1.8.2?


I have emailed our PDF support staff. We do have a Forum dedicated to PDF which they monitor on a regular basis. I will try to repost this for you there.


Just following up. Is this issue resolved now or do you require someone from support to contact you?


I believe this issue was resolved in ICEfaces 1.8.1 and later. Is it possible for you to upgrade?


Can you see this same issue in Firefox or Chrome?


If you are not already following the discussion you can here: http://www.icefaces.org/JForum/posts/list/20498.page

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