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I'm using 1.5.3 under jboss 4. I see a problem only when using MSIE on datatables. I have things set to have only 150 rows per page.

Whenever I click to re-sort a column or go to the next page, I see MSIE take up 100% of the cpu for several seconds before it paints the page again. I do not see the problem in firefox.

Does anyone have any ideas of where to look for a problem or experience with datatables? The only thing unusual I can think of is that every cell has a javascript onmouseover/onmouseout to have a pop-up description (like bubble help). Beyond that, it's plain text.

I just tried out dr4 and got something strange. If I look at the html source I see 2 links:




The 1st one returns a page. The second is 404 not found. If I change it to: /xmlhttp/js/icefaces-d2d.js?, then it works fine.

So it looks like it's missing the "js" or else the library does not process without the js. Is this a bug or just me?

Is there a reason I have 2 links for the icefaces-d2d.js?

Thanks Brad. Doesn't it seem like there should be a "jump to" method in the datapaginator? I was hoping I was just missing that but I see from your sample code that it's not there.

For reference, take a look at

That would be very cool to have a pagination component like their sample table does.

I don't think icefaces has it yet, but has anyone written a jump to page option with the paginator? The Sun faces table tags have this built-it.

Right now we see the page number in text, with some arrows. But in the samples, it shows simply, page 1 of 3.

Can the 1 be in a text input box where the user can modify to jump to a page.

I know you can force it by binding the datapaginator and adding an inputtext. Has anyone done this smoothly and can share the jspx and bean code?

Any chance the ICESoft will have this in the new release?

Same thing. Only after a few minutes. Is there a way to set the default timeout a bit longer?

You would think that ICE should look at the web session and just use it's timeout. If the user logs out of the httpsession, then ice should invalidate as well.

It looks like it keeps 2 independent sessions. Is that true and would would be the best recommendation to synch the sessions and prevent this message.

Any word if this has been fixed? I still see the missing FF in 1.5.3.

it's a faces thing, not specific to ice. there is lots of info on various jsf sites including a full demo on sun's pages.
I did the same thing. Ugly but it works.

I have a page with some input search parameters and a dataTable showing the response. I was using a selectManyListbox to show the results of which rows were selected. Similar to how the tablerowselect demo used the table output but I wanted a select box.

So I have the typical input and search buttons and for the select box I did not bind it to anything in the bean. For the value= I tried it both with an arraylist in the bean as well as no value= at all.

Whenever I let the user select from the item, it breaks the table paging. For example, this works fine.

 <ice:selectManyListbox size="10" readonly="true" >
 <f:selectItems value="#{UserSearchBean.selectedUserList}"/>

If I change it and remove the readonly like:

 <ice:selectManyListbox size="10"  >
 <f:selectItems value="#{UserSearchBean.selectedUserList}"/>

It initially works. The moment I select an item in the list, everything breaks. I try to re-search, paging, sorting, clear button. Nothing works anymore.

I'll see the debug logs going by whenever I try to do something, but no error messages.

Does anyone have suggestions on what to look for or how to test? When I put in the debugger in the backing methods, it never reaches them so never trips a breakpoint.

Very strange.... Thanks!

I am using v 1.5.2 and I tried adding the scrollable attribute like this:

 <ice:dataTable id="selectedusertable" var="userentry"
 value="#{UserSearchBean.selectedUserList}" styleClass=""
 sortColumn="" sortAscending="true" headerClass=""
 columnWidths="150px" scrollHeight="400px"

And when I do, I get this Exception:

02:01:29,734 INFO [STDOUT] Jan 21, 2007 2:01:29 AM com.sun.facelets.tag.jsf.ComponentRule warnAttr
WARNING: /jsp/admin_search_user.jspx @81,8 scrollable="true" Property 'scrollable' is not on type: com.icesoft.faces.component.ext.HtmlDataTable
02:01:29,734 ERROR [D2DFaceletViewHandler] Problem in renderResponse: null
at javax.faces.component.UIComponentBase$AttributesMap.put(UIComponentBase.java:1423)
at com.sun.facelets.tag.jsf.ComponentRule$LiteralAttributeMetadata.applyMetadata(ComponentRule.java:49)
at com.sun.facelets.tag.MetadataImpl.applyMetadata(MetadataImpl.java:36)
at com.sun.facelets.tag.MetaTagHandler.setAttributes(MetaTagHandler.java:62)
at com.sun.facelets.tag.jsf.ComponentHandler.apply(ComponentHandler.java:140)

Any ideas why this might happen or what else to look for?
The commandbutton worked great for me. But the selectboolean still did not. It would check the items on page 2 but not on page one.

The checkbox goes back and sets the list selected items, but then each row in the html table (on this page) will go back and change the backing bean list to unselected AFTER I set it.

The ice example uses a phaselistener to change the values AFTER the active page has done its thing but I don't really want to add phaselisteners all over the place.
You just have to put one in there with getters and setters and the ice libs will automagically populate it for you. It the same with any component. Just declare a variable of that type, and use binding= in the taglib element.
Thank you Brad. That looks like a much nicer solution. I get the idea. Just put the action in the pop-up itself so that the submit doesn't really do anything but call the pop-up. That will work well!
I guess I don't know. What validation messages should I be seeing???

Everything seems to work fine. In the server debug output I see the domresponsewriter lines, the debug output from the taglibs bein rendered, etc...

I see one line like the above for every row in my table. It's the only thing in the debug that says it's cannot do something.

I saw an example of a phaselistener in one of the demos that handled this. The phaselistner example added an inject() method.

But what if I have multiple beans and only a couple of them need this special handling? It looks like this listener will be called every time and try to run the inject() on each load. I could see a hack having a try/catch around this section and if my page does not have the valuebinding, then just skip it. You would then have a series of these for each page/form that needs special handling.

Does anyone know of a better way to write a phaselistener where I have some beans that need it and some that do not?

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