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The simpleSelectOneMenu seem to bypass my validator. The same validator is called without issue by other input components. I wonder why it is not validating like h:selectMenu or ace:selectMenu and how I should validate it?

For a while I had noticed that scrolling a small & simple data table of mine triggered the jsf cycle. I just got rid of this annoyance by moving the table outside the form.

I'm glad I fixed my issue. Now I'd like to know why the datatable triggers the lifecycle anyway? If you have any clue please let me know.

This is with ICEFaces 3.3 but I am pretty sure the behavior already existed in 1.8.something.
I have a page in which I have a panel grid.
Inside the grid I have an ice calendar.
Then I have another grid, and another calendar in the second grid.
The layout isn't very complicated.
The second calendar looks different from the first. Any clues why and how to fix?

This is with ICEFaces 3.

How can I display a default value in an ice:inputtext that goes away when the user types or clicks? I want to do something like the search box on icesoft home page: http://www.icesoft.org/java/home.jsf.

The cause is a misplaced outputStyle tag. It seems like it became a problem in ICEFaces 3.3, but I can't be formal. What I can say is that my outputStyle has been around for quite a while.

Here is the xhtml. The crash happens in IE8 mode when I click Search. The file search.css does not even need to exist.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
 <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd">
 <html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml" 
     <ice:outputStyle href="/resources/css/search.css"/>        
       <ice:commandButton value="Search" action="#{searchBean.requestEntries}"/>
     <ice:outputText value="rendered" rendered="#{searchBean.ready}"/>

The bean:

 @ManagedBean(name = SearchBean.BEAN_NAME)
 public class SearchBean implements Serializable
   public final static String BEAN_NAME = "searchBean";
   private boolean ready=false;
   public boolean isReady () { return ready; }
   public String requestDepoEntries()
     return "";


Internet Explorer 8 crashes after the render response phase, for one specific form of my project. The crash occurs after my action executes, outside of my own code. I am unable to determine exactly where or why.

What I know is that the form does not crash in IE8 compat mode, or in IE7.
FF is not affected.

Any suggestions on how to debug that kind of thing?
I have tried to disable as much stuff as possible but it did not yet help me to find any useful hint.
This is with ICEFaces 3.3.


On IE8, the highlight of data table rows lags cursor movement.

In my case I notice the delay with a data table of around 25 rows x 20 colums. The problem only gets worse if I add more rows. My table only display short strings. it does nothing complex.

I suspect this could be reproduced by increasing the number of rows in a example like ace:dataTable - Row Selector Example.
I have found my solution in ace:dataTable - Dynamic Columns Example. It is a lot simpler to build a list of columns to display. Just keep the data and view information separated. That way you can change the view all you want.

Tying column visibility on the rendered attribute is bad. I could make it work with ace:datatable + c:forEach, but my visibility getter was being called row x columns times. Yuck!
I wasn't sure what you meant. Here it is.
Here's what I see.
panelGroup is behaving a little better in 3.3 but overall the problem persists.

Here are a few simple tests I did.

1. panelGrid renders incorrectly
     <h:panelGrid style="border: 1px red solid">
         <h:outputText value="Rows per page: "/>

2. div renders incorrectly
     <div style="border: 1px red solid">
         <h:outputText value="Rows per page: "/>

3. panelGroup renders correctly
     <h:panelGroup style="border: 1px red solid">
         <h:outputText value="Rows per page: "/>

4. panelGroup renders incorrectly when embedded into a grid (similar to my actual use case).

    <h:panelGrid style="border: 1px red solid" columns="2">
       <h:outputText value="text"/>
       <h:panelGroup style="border: 1px red solid">
           <h:outputText value="Rows per page: "/>

For now I will simply change my layout.

Thanks for your time.
I have my answer. It does not work. I see two problems.

First, data contained in rows is displayed independently of column headers. Every element of the row is displayed even if the header text isn't.

Also, an empty column gets created if my header model returns null, even if headers are the only thing displayed by the data table.

Integrating ice:dataTable + ice:columns + individual column visibility is far more complicated I would have expected.
I have started working on a workaround. I am writing a custom data model class that wraps a visibility boolean and a column label. In a nutshell, getRowData returns the label if visibility is true, null otherwise.

Do you think ice:columns will adapt nicely? I am hoping it will be smart and skip columns for which there is no label.

I have been using ice:columns as a generic approach to display data in tables. I like this tag because I don't have to create individual columns.

It worked well until I decided to add support to control individual column visibility. I naively thought I could use ice:columns "rendered" attribute to control each column visibility with the help of a getter.

Well I was wrong. The rendered attribute controls the whole columns tag: my visibility getter always receives -1 from getRowIndex(). If I call my getter from a child of ice:columns, it works as expected.

Should use c:foreach around ice:column, or is there a better solution?

I have a hard time achieving a particular layout in in IE 8. One of my panel group occupies more vertical space than expected. With the help of DebugBar, I have found extra space is allocated by a span tag immediately following my form. This span is apparently generated by the framework.

Here's the markup producing the error. The red border will be much larger than the text.

 <ice:panelGroup style="border: 1px solid red" id="aa">
   <h:form id="aaf">
     <h:outputText value="Rows per page: "/>

This is what I see in DebugBar when the form is enabled. Note the presence of aaf_fixviewstate!

 DIV id=aa class=icePnlGrp
 FORM name=aaf action=whatever
 SPAN id=aaf_fixviewstate

If you comment the form contents, the red border will narrow exactly to the text size.

This problem does not affect Firefox 24. The span is still present but does not affect my layout.

All my attempts to squeeze fixviewstate into its (figurative) little box failed.

IE8 is the browser deployed at enterprise level. I am stuck with it.
I am currently on ICEFaces 3.2.0. I will try upgrading if I can find time.
I have eliminated the possibility of conflicts with other styles by removing custom css entirely.
PlanB is to sweep the problem under the carpet. In other words, use a layout that won't show the problem.
Any other suggestions?

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