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Easy Mobilization for Java EE

The demand to mobilize your enterprise is unstoppable, and the requirements to support BYOD deployments are inevitable, but your enterprise applications are founded in Java EE, and the path to mobilization looks awfully thorny. Adopting a native development strategy seems pretty much like a non- starter. Your team would need whole new skill sets, and the BYOD requirements mean that those skills would have to span all the device types you need to support. A web- based approach would definitely align better with your legacy systems, but can web-based approaches deliver the expected mobile user experience, and can mobile browser implementations support all the features that mobile users will demand?

Enterprise Ajax Security with ICEfaces

Can enterprise application developers deliver Rich Internet Applications using Ajax techniques, but do so in a secure and cost-effective manner?

While the Ajax world is exploding with new capabilities and wiz-bang features, technology providers have been derelict in addressing fundamental security issues in the offerings they promote, leaving a formidable security challenge for the application developer to address.

This paper examines some of the fundamental security issues related to client-centric Ajax techniques, and will show how these issues can be overcome using a server-centric approach based on Java EE and ICEfaces.

Enterprise AJAX - Transcend the Hype

Ajax is all the rage these days. The pioneers of the Ajax World have taken tremendous strides toward proving that Ajax techniques can deliver true benefits to web application users through a richer interaction model than standard web applications can provide. It seems that Ajax will be ubiquitous on the Web in no time flat.

Gartner recently released their 2006 Technology Hype Curve, and Ajax is front and center in their analysis. So where is Ajax on this hype curve?

This paper examines various levels of Ajax development that the enterprise developer might entertain, and explores some of the pitfalls that will be encountered along the way. It goes on to describe key concepts around Thin Client Ajax, and shows how ICEsoft's ICEfaces technology can position enterprise developers to deliver rich Ajax features in their applications today.

Rich Web Applications with Java and AJAX

Harness the benefits of AJAX and combine them with the advantages of Java to produce commercial quality rich web applications that are easily maintained, extended and scaled, at very low cost.

This white paper will introduce you to ICEfaces, a JSF-compliant development framework for efficiently building and deploying rich web applications in a pure thin-client model. With ICEfaces there is no need for proprietary browser plugins, or proprietary API extensions, or brittle JavaScript-laden custom components. The benefits of using ICEfaces for developing rich enterprise web applications are numerous.