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The following configurations are available for the ACE Components:

Theme Configuration

For information on how to configure the automatic theme loading feature of the ACE Components, see the ace.theme configuration topic.

mandatoryResource Configuration

When using the ACE Components on your page it may be necessary to pre-load certain component resources during the initial page load in order to ensure proper component execution. Specifically, in cases where the component is not present on the initial page load, but is added to the page later dynamically. This is required as it is not possible to add resources to the head dynamically in JSF 2.

As of ICEfaces 4.0, it is no longer necessary to use the mandatoryResource Configuration mechanism to preload component resources. However, it may still be used to force resources to be pre-loaded during the initial page load as a potential performance optimization when used in conjunction with Resource Coalescing to preload all required application resources.

For example, you may have an ACE component that is included on an ace:tabPane that is not initially rendered when the page is loaded, but is later rendered to the page via a dynamic Ajax update. In these cases, the necessary JavaScript resources for the component may not be loaded on the page, resulting in a none-functional component.

To ensure the all required resources are present on the page during the initial page load for components that are later added to the page dynamically, ICEfaces uses a mandatoryResource configuration scheme. See the mandatoryResourceConfiguration topic for details.

ACE Components that are rendered onto the page during the initial page load will have their resources loaded automatically and do not require a mandatoryResource configuration entry.
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