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The ACE Components support the jQuery ThemeRoller theming system for component appearance. This system supports a comprehensive CSS-based component theming solution, including tools for creating custom ThemeRoller themes, and a large number of pre-defined themes to choose from.

Included Themes

The ACE Components library (icefaces-ace.jar) includes the following two themes:

  • sam - Default theme
  • rime - Theme for use when mixing ACE components with ICE components in the same application or page. Aligns with the ICE "Rime" theme.

In addition, the ICEfaces release bundle includes a large set of additional pre-defined ThemeRoller themes that have been converted for use with the ACE Components. Each theme is provided in its own .jar library file, and can be found in the following directory:


Using a Theme

For details on how to configure an ACE theme to be used see the ace.theme Configuration topic.

Creating a Custom ThemeRoller Theme

It is straightforward to create custom ACE themes of your own. See the Creating a Custom ThemeRoller Theme topic for details.

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