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Since 4.0
Until 4.2

As of January of 2017 the BridgeIt project has been deprecated. As a result, this component has been removed from ICEfaces as of the 4.2 release.

The mobi:augmentedReality component renders a button that launches the Bridgeit application on the user's device to display an overlay on a picture or video with virtual objects and markers.

Technology Preview
Note that the mobi:augmentedReality component is in Technology Preview status, and thus is not ready for production deployments. Also note that this component is only currently supported on iOS devices.

Getting Started

To start using the AugmentedReality component, place the mobi:augmentedReality tag in a form and specify the 'value' and 'urlBase' attributes; then, nest either an mobi:augmentedRealityLocations or mobi:augmentedRealityMarkers tag inside and bind it to a collection of property object representing locations or markers.

			value="#{bean.messages}" var="place"
			locationIcon="#{place.fileName}" />


TagLib Documentation
This section covers attributes involved in the typical use-cases for this component. For reference, the complete taglib documentation for this component is available here.

The value attribute is where the selection from the user is stored, usually a location or marker.

The buttonLabel specifies the label of the button before it is activated.

The captureMessageLabel specifies the label to be displayed on the button when input has been captured.

Event Listeners


Client Behavior Events


JavaScript API


Keyboard Support

Standard keyboard actions for HTML buttons are supported, such as tabindex and pressing the enter or space keys to activate the button.

Known Issues

The following known issues exist for this component:

  • It might not be fully functional on some devices.

Additional Resources

Sample Applications

This component appears in the following ICEfaces sample applications:

  • ICEfaces Mobile Showcase - Note that this demo is commented out in the source code and must be uncommented to be used.


This component appears in the following ICEfaces tutorials:


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