Downloading ICEfaces

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Downloading ICEfaces

Download Bundles

The latest official release of all ICEfaces products can be found on the ICEfaces Downloads page.

These download bundles are available in both binary and source form and include all the libraries and examples for each release.

Maven Repository

For Maven users, ICEfaces releases are available via the ICEfaces Maven2 Releases repository.

ICEfaces pre-release libraries are available via the ICEfaces Maven2 Snapshots repository.

Note that the download bundles also contain Maven .pom and archetype files to enable easy import of the ICEfaces libraries and example applications into a local Maven repository.


ICEfaces releases may be exported in source-code form from the public SVN Repository.

IDE Tool Integrations

IDE integrations for ICEfaces are currently available for NetBeans and Eclipse. These integrations can be downloaded from the ICEfaces Downloads page.

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