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checkbox checkbox for a selectManyCheckbox component when its layout is "spread"
single column of data within a parent UIData component
used to create multiple dataTable headers or footers with allowable colspan and rowspan
columns used to render multiple table columns
commandButton submit or reset button
commandLink HTML "a" anchor element that acts like a form submit button when clicked
commandSortHeader clickable column header allowing user to toggle the sort order of data in table
dataExporter export the data contents of an table component into a variety of formats
dataPaginator used to render a set of page navigation controls for a table
dataTable HTML table tied to underlying data model
effect add effects to parent component
form HTML form width added features
gMap Google map
gMapControl adds control to the gMap
gMapDirection direction from point A to point B
gMapGeoXml supports the KML and GeoRSS data formats for displaying geographic information
gMapLatLng wrapper for google map's GLatLng API
gMapLatLngs list of gMapLatLng components
gMapMarker uses google map's GMarker API to display points on the map
graphicImage HTML "img" element
headerRow header row for a table
inputHidden HTML "input" element of "type" "hidden"
inputRichText JSF based rich text component
inputSecret HTML "input" element of "type" "password"
inputText HTML "input" element of "type" "text"
inputTextarea HTML "textarea" element
jsEventListener used to capture javascript events and optionally send a notification to server and fire an action event
loadBundle similar to f:loadBundle but allows change to messages dynamically
provides a robust menu system
menuItem menu items contained by a menuBar
dynamic heirarchy of menu items
separates groups of menu items
menuPopup context sensitive popup menu providing popup nested child menus
message single message for a specific component
messages all the messages for a specific component
outputChart charts of various types
outputConnectionStatus displays information about the status of the network connection
outputFormat renders parameterized text
outputLabel HTML "label" element
outputLink HTML "a" anchor element
outputMedia plays a media object
outputProgress report progress to users in cases where a long running server-side task is necessary
outputResource expose resources for opening or downloading
outputStyle link desired ICEfaces theme CSS stylesheets
outputText span element for displaying text.
panelBorder container component with five regions: north, south, east, west, and center
panelCollapsible clickable header to hide or show contents
panelConfirmation popup confirmation dialog
panelDivider splitable panel
panelGrid HTML "table" element
panelGroup container for a group of child components
panelLayout placement of components in absolute or relative position
panelPopup modal or non-modal popups
panelPositioned series of repeating child-components which can be dragged and repositioned
panelSeries dynamically generates a series of repeating child-components within a panel
panelStack multiple panel groups with one group visible at a time
panelTab a tab within a tab set
panelTabSet a set of tabs with one table active at a time
panelTooltip tooltip popup
portlet container for a portlet in a portal
radio radio button for a selectOneRadio component when its layout is "spread"
repeat mechanism for dynamically generating a series of repeating child-components
rowSelector enables single and multiple row selection for a data table
selectBooleanCheckbox HTML "input" element of type "checkbox"
selectInputDate input field, inline calendar or popup calendar for entering date and time
selectInputText input text component enhanced with auto-complete functionality
selectManyCheckbox a list of checkboxes
selectManyListbox list box allowing multiple selections
selectManyMenu list box with only one item visible at a time allowing multiple selections
selectOneListbox list box with single selection
selectOneMenu list box with only one item visible at a time allowing single selection
selectOneRadio set of radio buttons
setEventPhase specifies the phase that certain events will be broadcast in
tabChangeListener sets listener class for tab change in tabset
tree displays hierarchical data as a tree of branches and leaf nodes
a node in a tree
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