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Since 4.0

You can use icecore:idleMonitor tag to show the enclosed markup when the user has not interacted with the page for a period of time. The markup will be hidden again once the user resumes the activity.

See the ICEfaces Showcase Live Demo of this component, complete with source code.

Getting Started

To use the icecore:idleMonitor tag, first declare the core namespace:

<html ... xmlns:icecore="">

Then add the tag to your page markup and define the interval (in seconds) after which the markup should be made visible:

    <icecore:idleMonitor interval="40">
        <div style="color: red">
            Your session is about to expire in 20 seconds!


TagLib Documentation
This section covers attributes involved in the typical use-cases for this component. For reference, the complete taglib documentation for this component is available here.

interval Use this attribute to specify the interval in seconds after which the enclosed markup is made visible. When not specified the used value is 20 seconds.

userActiveEvents (Since 4.1) Use this attribute to specify a space separated list of JS events used for detecting user activity (blur and focus events cannot be used since they do not bubble up). When not specified the default value is "keydown mouseover".

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