Portlet Bridges

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Portlet Bridges

Portlet support in ICEfaces is provided by third-party bridges.  There are two main bridges to choose from and the one you use depends on the portal platform and version you are using:

  • Liferay Faces Bridge - current bridge for Liferay 5 and 6
    • version 3.1.x for JSF 2.x and Liferay 6.1
    • version 3.0.x for JSF 2.x and Liferay 6.0
    • version 3.0.x-legacy for JSF 2.x and Liferay 5.2
    • version 2.1.x for JSF 1.x and Liferay 6.1
  • PortletFaces Bridge - legacy bridge to support Liferay 5 and WebSphere Portal
As of ICEfaces 3.3 EE and ICEfaces 4.x EE, the LiferayFaces Bridge is the recommended bridge for all Liferay deployments. Use of the older PortletFaces bridge is supported only for backwards compatibility with existing deployments that are using it and for WebSphere Portal.

Liferay Faces Bridge

The Liferay Faces Bridge is part of a suite of tools currently supported by Liferay to allow developers to build and run JSF-based portlets on Liferay Portal. It supports Liferay version 5 and above. There is more information about the different Liferay Faces Bridge versions and the platforms they support on Liferay's download page.
To view which version of Liferay for application server, see
Liferay Faces Bridge Info .

Due to licensing restrictions, the Liferay Faces Bridge libraries do not come bundled with the ICEfaces product. You can find the download information here. This includes:

  • downloading the libraries directly for use in Ant-based builds
  • incorporating them as dependencies into your Maven-based project

Sample Portlet Applications

For examples of how to build the sample portlet applications provided in the ICEfaces bundle, see the section on Sample Portlet Applications.

PortletFaces Bridge

The PortletFaces Bridge is an implementation of the JSR 329: Portlet 2.0 Bridge for JavaServer Faces. The portlet bridge specification technically applies to JSF 1.2 but was adapted to support JSF 2.  However, this bridge is a legacy product and has since been discontinued and no longer available. 

The version of the PortletFaces Bridge that is currently shipped with ICEfaces is maintained in the ICEfaces bundle for legacy purposes and to support running ICEfaces on older or non-Liferay portal platforms (e.g. WebSphere Portal). It includes fixes that aren't available with the originally released version of the bridge. Support for WebSphere Portal is provided as part of ICEfaces EE (Enterprise Edition). Ensure you use the copy of the library that ships with ICEfaces for older ICEfaces portlet deployments.

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