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Since 3.1

You can use the icecore:redirect tag to trigger a redirect immediately upon page load, upon any user interaction causing a render of the component, or at the server's discretion using push.

See the ICEfaces Showcase Live Demo of this component, complete with source code.

Getting Started

To use the icecore:redirect tag, first declare the core namespace:

<html ... xmlns:icecore="">
Then add the icecore:redirect tag to your page markup, setting the required href attribute. Typically an EL expression would be used, so that server code may update the bean's href value and then do a push.

    <icecore:redirect href="#{redirectBean.href}"/>


TagLib Documentation
This section covers attributes involved in the typical use-cases for this component. For reference, the complete taglib documentation for this component is available here.

href - Allows control of the absolute or relative location to redirect to. This is a mandatory attribute specifying the href to redirect to. No redirect will happen while using an EL expression that evaluates to null or an empty string.

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