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Since 4.0

The mobi:viewManager component provides a way to display multiple views in a manner that is more suitable for mobile devices. It renders a list of titles of verious views, which the user can touch to load the corresponding view. A built-in back button allows the user to go back to the list of views, without reloading the page. The component also provides other features that make navigation more efficient on mobile devices.

Getting Started

The basic use case of the ViewManager component consists of simply placing mobi:view tags with any arbitrary content inside the mobi:viewManager tag.

<mobi:viewManager title="View Manager"

	<mobi:view id="view1" title="View 1">
		<h:outputText value="View 1 content..." />
	<mobi:view id="view2" title="View 2">
		<h:outputText value="View 2 content..." />



TagLib Documentation
This section covers attributes involved in the typical use-cases for this component. For reference, the complete taglib documentation for this component is available here.

The title in mobi:viewManager specifies the main header title.

The selected attribute stores the currently selected view. The value has to be an id of a child mobi:view component.

The transitionType attribute specifies the effect to be used when transitioning to a different view.

In the history property, the stack history will be stored (must resolve to Stack<String>).

The title in mobi:view specifies the view title in the list and in the header when such view is selected.

The navBarGroup specifies the group to which this view belongs. It's used to group related views.

The divider attribute specifies a title of a divider to insert before this view in the list and thus group different view in the list.

The menuIcon specifies the name of an icon to be used for this view in the main menu. It must correspond to a Font Awesome icon class (without the fa- prefix). Available names can be found here .

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