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Name: org.icefaces.lazyPush
Values: true|false
Since: 2.0
Scope: application, page
Application Scope

By default, when using Ajax Push, the feature is activated in a lazy fashion. This means that the blocking connection used for doing Ajax Push is not activated until the first push is requested. Setting org.icefaces.lazyPush to false tells ICEfaces to automatically activate ICEpush for each session and each page in the entire application.

Page Scope

This feature can also be controlled on a per-page basis using the <ice:config> tag and setting the desired attribute. To apply lazy push activation to select pages only, set the application context parameter org.icefaces.lazyPush to false and add the following tag to each page where Ajax Push should be started lazily:

    <ice:config lazyPush="true">

See the documentation on the <ice:config> tag for additional information.

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