Acrobat Standard Security Support

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Acrobat standard security (40-bit and 128-bit RC4 encryption) includes password protection and setting change and display permissions, such as printing and content extraction, for a PDF file.

Useful Information
As of ICEpdf 6.1 the Bouncy Castle jars are now needed for ICEpdf to support PDF Digital Signatures. The Bouncy Castle jars are included in the bundles ./lib folder. Prior to version 6.1 the Bouncy Castle jars are not needed.

If you use a different JCE 1.2.1-compliant security provider, you must set the system property appropriately. See System Properties for details.


You must also code your application to respect the security settings. For example, you must disable printing if a PDF file is set with "No Printing" permissions. The ICEpdf Viewer reference implementation has been coded to respect security permissions, and you can use its source code as a model for your own application.

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