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Do to the fact that NPAPI plugin support has been removed by most major browsers as of early 2016 we have removed the ICEpdf applet example from the production bundles. JDK 9 will also no longer support an the Applet essentially ending the technology. Developers are expected to begin migrating their code Java Web Start (JWS) as an alternative to Applets.

The Applet example demonstrates deployment of the ICEpdf Viewer as a Java Applet. This example is very similar to the Viewer Component Example but differs by extending the JApplet class.

The Applet example can be built with the provided ant build script. The default ant target is icepdf.applet.jar. Once the build runs successfully all needed jars and the respective HTML files are copied to the './dist' folder.

Signing the Jars
The build script does not attempt to sign the jar files, however most Applet deployment scenarios require jar signatures. More information on how to sign jars, with your own certificate, can be found here:

The example PDFApplet.html specifies the PDF file to open the param 'URL' and has a default value of ''. Make sure you have Internet access before attempting to run the demo, to avoid a document loading error.

The legacy Applet code can be downloaded below:

Applet Example Code

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