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Document Manipulation

Zooming In and Out

You can zoom in on a page to get a closer view, and you can zoom out for a smaller view:

  • To zoom in on a page, select View > ZoomIn. You can zoom in repeatedly to get a closer view.
  • To zoom out from a page, select View > ZoomOut. You can zoom out repeatedly to get a smaller view.
    Using the toolbar, select the Zoom In or Zoom Out buttons. You can select a magnification percentage from the Zoom drop-down selection box, or type a value in the Zoom box and press Enter.

Marquee Zoom

Select an area to zoom in on by clicking and dragging to draw the desired selection box. When the mouse button is release the zoom will be change to the appropriate zoom to match the selected area.

Dynamic Zoom

Dynamic zoom is enabled when the mouse wheel or touch scroll area is scrolled up or down. Scrolling the mouse wheel up will zoom in and out if moved down.

During the use of any view tool the ctr key can be used in combination with to mouse wheel to provide a zoom in/out tool.
Viewing a PDF File in its Original Size or to Fit the Window
  • To view the PDF file in its actual size, select View > Actual Size. The actual size is the size of the page as it was originally created.
  • To view the PDF file so that the entire page is visible, select View > Fit in Window.
  • To view the PDF file so that the width of the page fills the window size, select View > Fit Width.
    Using the toolbar, click the Actual Size, Fit in Window, and Fit Width buttons.

Rotating a PDF File

If the PDF file is displayed sideways, you can rotate it so that it is easier to view or read.

To rotate the PDF file, select View > Rotate Left or View > Rotate Right. The view is rotated 90 degrees clockwise or counter-clockwise each time you select it. Using the toolbar, click the Rotate Left and Rotate Right buttons.

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