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ICEpdf comes in two different flavours: ICEpdf Open Source (OS) and ICEpdf Professional (Pro). ICEpdf OS is licensed under Apache 2.0 and ICEpdf Pro is licensed under [ ICEpdf Pro Licensing Terms and Conditions |]. Downloading of the two variants is summaries below:


ICEpdf OS library can be downloaded from ICEsoft public SVN server and built from source using the provided Maven or Gradle build scripts. Build instructions can be found at

ICEpdf OS library UP TO VERSION 6.3.0 ONLY is available from the maven central repository.

Maven Dependencies
// or 
Gradle Dependencies
compile group: 'org.icepdf.os', name: 'icepdf-core', version: '6.3.0'
// or
compile group: 'org.icepdf.os', name: 'icepdf-viewer', version: '6.3.0'


ICEPdf Pro production bundles can be downloaded from for supported customers. A trial version is also available for customers wishing to evaluate the product.

Bundle Layout

Folder Description
dependencies dependencies summary for library
libs All ICEpdf and dependency jars
libs-source ICEpdf source jars.
licenses Associated licence files.
maven2 Maven pom.xml descriptors for ICEpdf jars.

Jar Description

Jar Description
bcpkix-jdk15on-1.57.jar Bouncy Castle jar used for signature validation.
bcprov-ext-jdk15on-1.57.jar Bouncy Castle jar used for signature validation.
bcprov-jdk15on-1.57.jar Bouncy Castle jar used for signature validation.
icepdf-core-x.x.x.jar ICEpdf core rendering jar.
icepdf-viewer-x.x.x.jar ICEpdf Viewer Reference Implementation.
icepdf-pro-x.x.x.jar ICEPdf Pro font engine, content parser and write support.
icepdf-pro-intl-x.x.x.jar ICEpdf Pro font engine cmap files (optional).
jbig2-imageio-3.0.0-r6.3 Apache PDFbox Jbig2 imageio library.
common-image-3.4-r6.3.jar Twelve Monkeys Image library.
common-io-3.4-r6.3.jar Twelve Monkeys Image library.
common-lang-3.4-r6.3.jar Twelve Monkeys Image library.
imageio-core-3.4-r6.3.jar Twelve Monkeys Image library.
imageio-metadata-3.4-r6.3.jar Twelve Monkeys Image library.
imageio-tiff-3.4-r6.3.jar Twelve Monkeys Image library.

Maven Support

The commercial nature of the ICEpdf PRO jars prevents us from publishing the library to the Maven central repository. The maven2 folder contains pom.xml for each of the Jar files contained in the bundle which can be used to publish the jars to a local or private repository.


Examples for both ICEpdf Pro and ICEpdf OS can be viewed or download from Information on example usage cases can be found at

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