Embedded Font Support

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ICEpdf Open Source

ICEpdf Open Source uses java.awt.Font when reading system font files for substitution. ICEpdf Open Source, by default, disables using java.awt.Font for reading embedded font files, because a malformed font file can crash the JVM. The system property org.icepdf.core.awtFontLoading=true can be set to enable java.awt.Font embedded font loading.

ICEpdf Pro

ICEpdf Pro allows for unprecedented font reproduction and rendering speed. ICEpdf Pro is a commercial product and requires icepdf-pro.jar and icepdf-pro-intl.jar libraries are on the application class path.The following embedded font types are supported:

Type 0 Type 1
Type 2 Type3
TrueType OpenType

If your application requires support for Asian languages such as Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Japanese, Korean, you should add the optional JAR icepdf-pro-intl.jar to your application classpath to ensure maximum rendering quality and accuracy of the respective language's characters.

For more information on ICEpdf Pro, visit http://www.icepdf.org.

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