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Text extraction is possible for most PDF documents. There are, however, some limitations with how a document text is encoded and the type of font used to render the text.

If a document is encrypted, the document permissions should be checked to make sure that content extraction is allowed.

The following code demonstrates how to extract text from the first page of a PDF document.  The call to document.getPageText(..) returns the PageText data structure which contains child LineText, WordText and GlyphText.  A call to pageText.toString() will return all the text for the current page.

try {   
   // load the file
   URL documentURL = new URL("your url");
   Document document = new Document();
   document.setUrl( documentURL);
   // create an output file
   FileOutputStream fileOutputStream = new FileOutputStream( "extracted.txt");
   PageText pageText = document.getPageText(0);
   if (pageText != null && pageText.getPageLines() != null) {
} catch (Throwable e) {
} finally {
   // clean up the document resources document.dispose();

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