Interactive Forms

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Interactive Forms

The Viewer RI (PRO) is able to display and interact with form widgets (Acroform) that may be embedded in a PDF document. Form widgets can be selected using a mouse or other input devices and supports focus management and keyboard selection shortcuts such as; the space key, arrow keys and the return key.

Once an annotation has focus:

  • Its value and appearance streams can be changed for text, choice and radio widgets.
  • Actions can be fired for button widgets via the return key or a mouse click.
  • The value data and a new appearance stream is written when the form widget looses focus.

Interactive From highlight toolbar

Form highlighting enables a transparent overlay on all visible form widgets to aid in identifying available fields. Form highlighting is controlled by a toggle button and its settings persist between viewer sessions.

  • Annotation highlight toggle button

Saving Changes

Interactive form widget values once manipulated can be saved as an incremental update to a copy of the original file. This behavior is very similar to the existing annotation tooling support. When an field value is saved the corresponding appearance stream is also updated to reflect the new value. This feature helps insure maximum compatibility with other PDF processors.

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