Metadata Extraction

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Metadata Extraction

The Metadata Extraction example will extract data from the documents Info dictionary. This data includes but is not limited to document title and author.

// get document information values if available
PInfo documentInfo = document.getInfo();
if (documentInfo != null) {
    title = documentInfo.getTitle();
    author = documentInfo.getAuthor();
    subject = documentInfo.getSubject();
    keyWords = documentInfo.getKeywords();
    creator = documentInfo.getCreator() != null ?
            documentInfo.getCreator() : "Not Available";
    producer = documentInfo.getProducer() != null ?
            documentInfo.getProducer() : "Not Available";
    creationDate = documentInfo.getCreationDate() != null ?
            documentInfo.getCreationDate().toString() : "Not Available";
    modDate = documentInfo.getModDate() != null ?
            documentInfo.getModDate().toString() : "Not Available";

The source-code for this example is located at:

A primer on using Maven or Gradle build commands can be found here (Maven) and here (Gradle)

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