Supported PDF Features

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ICEpdf supports the following PDF features

  • Font support: Embedded font support for Type 1 Fonts (Standard and Multiple Master), TrueType, Font Subsets, Type3, CMaps (predefined and Embedded), Type 0 CID, Type 2 CID, Type 0, Type 1 (CFF), OpenType (True Type Outlines) and OpenType (CFF Type outlines). Font substitution
    is available for documents that do not use embedded fonts.
  • Cross-Reference Table and Cross-Reference Stream support for accelerated document loading.
  • Multiple page views: single page, facing page, single page column, and facing page columns.
  • Rendering of AcroForm data, push buttons, check boxes, radio buttons, text fields and choice fields.
  • Rendering and edit common Annotation types: highlight, strikeout, underline, line, line arrow, link, square, circle, ink, free text, text and popup annotations.
  • Markup annotation support for reply, delete and status updates.
  • Interactive Link annotation via the following actions types: go to actions, go to resource actions, go to launch actions and URI actions.
  • Multi-page text selection.
  • Converting rendered PDF pages to images, SVG documents, etc.
  • Extracting PDF document meta-data, text, and images.
  • PDF document viewing.
  • Page navigation.
  • Page magnification.
  • Page rotation.
  • Printing.
  • Bookmarks (table of contents entries that represent the chapters and sections in a document).
  • Search document text and highlight results.
  • Optional content support (layers).
  • Acrobat standard security (40-bit and 128-bit RC4 encryption) for opening password-controlled files (for more information, see Acrobat Standard Security Support.
  • ICEbrowser PDF Pilot: Extend ICEbrowser® to support PDF document rendering using the included ICEbrowser PDF Pilot (Plugin) component.

PDF Reference Compliance

ICEpdf supports a subset of the PDF Reference, First Edition, Version 1.7 (ISO 32000-1:2008) from Adobe Systems Incorporated, available at:

The table below lists all the PDF features that ICEpdf supports. The list is based on the PDF Reference, 5th Edition, Version 1.6, from Adobe Systems Incorporated. The section numbers in the table refer to the sections in the PDF Reference.

You can download the reference from:

Supported Feature
    Section in PDF Reference Introduced



ASCIIHexDecode     7.4.2 X            
ASCII85Decode     7.4.3 X            
LZWDecode     7.4.4 X            
FlateDecode     7.4.4     X        
RunLengthDecode     7.4.5 X            
CCITTFaxDecode     7.4.6              
  Group 4   3.3.5 X            
  Group 3, 1-D     X            
  Group 3, 2-D     X            
JBIG2Decode               X    
DCTDecode (No transformations)     7.4.8 X            
JPXDecode     7.4.9           X  
Crypt Filter     7.4.10           X  
File Structure                    
File Body     7.5.3 X            
Cross-Reference Table     7.5.4 X            
File Trailer     7.5.5 X            
Incremental Updates     7.5.6         X    
Object Streams     7.5.7           X  
Cross-Reference Stream     7.5.8           X  
Standard Security Handler     7.6.3   X          
Crypt Filters     7.6.5           X  
Document Structure                    
Document Catalog     7.7.1   X          
  Page Layout   7.7.3              
    Singe Page View   X            
    One Column View   X            
    Two Column Left View   X            
    Two Column Right View   X            
    Two Page Left View             X  
    Two Page Right View             X  
Page Tree     7.7.3   X          
  Page Objects   X          
  Inheritance of Page Attributes   X          
Functions     7.10     X        
  Type0 (Sampled) Functions   7.10.2     X        
  Type2 (Exponential Interpolation) Functions   7.10.3     X        
  Type3 (Stitching) Functions   7.10.4     X        
  Type4 (Postscript Calculator) Functions   7.10.5       X      
Graphics States     8.4.3              
  Device Independent                  
    Line Width   X            
    Line Cap Style   X            
    Line Join Style   X            
    Miter Limit   X            
    Line Dash Pattern   X            
    Alpha Constant           X    
Path Construction     8.5.2              
  Cubic Bézier Curves     X            
  Sub Paths     X            
  Lines     X            
  Rectangles     X            
Path-Painting Operators                    
  Stroking X            
  Filling X            
    Nonzero Winding Number Rule   X            
    Even-Odd Rule   X            
Clipping Path Operators     8.5.4 X            
Color Spaces                    
  Device Color Spaces                  
    Device Gray   X          
    Device RGB   X          
    Device CMYK   X          
  CIE-Based Color Spaces                  
    ICCBased Color Spaces       X      
  Special Color Spaces                  
    Pattern Color Spaces     X        
    Indexed Color Spaces   X          
    Separation Color Spaces     X        
    DeviceN Color Spaces       X      
Patterns     8.7              
  Tiling   8.7.3     X        
  Shading   8.7.4       X      
    Type 1 (Function based)              
    Type 2 (Axial)              
    Type 3 (Radial)              
External Objects     8.8 X            
  Image XObjects     X            
  Form XObjects     X            
  Decode Arrays X            
  Image Interpolation X            
  Masked Images                  
    Stencil Masking X            
    Explicit Masking       X      
    Color Key Masking       X      
  Inline Images   8.9.7 X            
  Form XObjects                  
    Form Dictionaries 8.10.2 X            
Text State Parameters                    
  Character Spacing   9.3.2 X            
  Word Spacing   9.3.3 X            
  Horizontal Scaling   9.3.4 X            
  Leading   9.3.5 X            
  Text Rendering Mode   9.3.6 X            
  Text Rise   9.3.7 X            
  Text Knockout   9.3.8 X            
Simple Fonts*                    
  Type 1 Fonts*   9.6.1              
    Standard Type 1 Fonts* X            
    Multiple Master Fonts* X            
  TrueType Fonts*   9.6.3 X            
  Font Subsets*   9.6.4 X            
  Type 3 Fonts*   9.6.5 X            
Composite Fonts*                    
  CIDFonts*   9.7.4              
  Cmaps*   9.7.5              
    Predefined Cmaps*       X      
    Embedded Cmap Files*       X      
    Type 0 CIDFonts* 9.7.6       X      
    Type 2 CIDFonts* 9.7.6       X      
Font Descriptors     9.8 X            
Embedded Font Programs*     9.9              
  Type 0 Fonts*                  
  Type 1(CFF)*         X        
  OpenType (True Type outlines)*                 X
  OpenType (CFF Type outlines)*                 X
Interactive Features                    
Viewer Preferences     12.2              
  Hide Tool bar     X            
  Hide Menu bar     X            
  Fit Window     X            
  Center Window     X            
  Display Document Title             X    
  Document Page Mode     X            
  Print Scaling                 X
Document-Level Navigation                    
  Destinations   12.3.2 X            
  Document Outline   12.3.3 X            
  Thumbnail Images   12.3.4 X            
Annotations     12.5 X            
  Annotation Flags   12.5.3   X X X      
  Border Styles   12.5.4     X        
  Appearance Streams   12.5.5     X        
  Annotation Types   12.5.6              
    Markup Annotations X            
    Annotation States           X  
    Text Annotations X            
    Link Annotations   X          
    Free Text Annotations       X      
    Line Annotations       X      
    Square and Circle Annotations       X      
    Polygon and Polyline Annotations†           X  
    Text Markup Annotations       X      
    Ink Annotations       X      
    Popup Annotations       X      
    Go To actions X            
    Go to launch actions X            
    URI actions X            
Interactive Forms†     12.7              
  Button Fields                  
    Push Buttons       X        
    Check boxes       X        
    Radio Buttons       X        
  Text Fields         X        
  Choice Fields         X        

* ICEpdf Pro version only.
† Static rendering only.

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