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Text Extraction

The text extraction example will extract all text data from a PDF document. The document.getPageText() will initialized the page content and parse text content only ignoring images and other none vital data structures.

// create a file to write the extracted text to
File file = new File("extracted_text.txt");
FileWriter fileWriter = new FileWriter(file);

// Get text from the first page of the document, assuming that there
// is text to extract.
for (int pageNumber = 0, max = document.getNumberOfPages();
     pageNumber < max; pageNumber++) {
    PageText pageText = document.getPageText(pageNumber);
    System.out.println("Extracting page text: " + pageNumber);
    if (pageText != null && pageText.getPageLines() != null) {
        ArrayList<LineText> pageLines = pageText.getPageLines();
        for (LineText lineText : pageLines) {

// close the writer

The source-code for this example is located at:

A primer on using Maven or Gradle build commands can be found here (Maven) and here (Gradle)

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