Understand the ICEpdf Viewer work area

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The ICEpdf Viewer Work Area

The ICEpdf Viewer consists of the following four distinct work areas:

  1. Main toolbar - provides controls and buttons to navigate and work with a PDF file.
  2. Document pane - displays a PDF file.
  3. Utility pane - has a bookmark tab which lets you browse a PDF file using a documents bookmarks, search tab which enables you to search for text in a file, layers tab for manipulation of optional content, thumbnail view and annotation tab panel for editing and creating annotations.
  4. View toolbar - allows you to change the way a document's pages are displayed in the document pane.

Figure 2 ICEpdf Viewer Work Area

Main Toolbar

The toolbar has shortcuts for many common functions, but you can hide it to have a larger display area. To show or hide the toolbar, select View > Show Toolbar or View > Hide Toolbar. The toolbar provides access to the view and navigation functionality.

Figure 3 ICEpdf Main Toolbar

From left to right, the toolbar contains:

  • Open Document
  • Save As...
  • Print Document
  • Search Document
  • Show/Hide Utility Pane
  • First Page
  • Previous Page
  • Current Page
  • Next Page
  • Last Page
  • Zoom Out
  • Current Zoom
  • Zoom In
  • Actual Size
  • Fit in Window
  • Fit Width
  • Rotate Right
  • Rotate Left
  • Pan Tool
  • Text Selection Tool
  • Marquee Zoom Tool
  • Dynamic Zoom Tool
  • Annotation Select Tool
  • Highlight Annotation Tool
  • Text Annotation Tool
  • Show Annotation Utility Pane
  • Annotation Summary View
  • Form highlight toggle
View Toolbar

The view toolbar contains four buttons that allow you to change how a PDF document is displayed.

From left to right:

  • Single Page View Non-continuous
  • Single Page View Continuous
  • Facing Page View Non-continuous
  • Facing Page View Continuous
About the Utility Pane

You can show or hide the utility pane, which contains tabs for a document's bookmarks, search, thumbnails, layers and annotation functionality. If the file does not have any bookmarks, the bookmarks tab is not displayed.
To show or hide the utility pane, select View > Show Utility Pane or View > Hide Utility Pane. Alternatively, if the toolbar is displayed, you can click the Show/Hide Utility Pane button.

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