Using the PDF Viewer Application

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ICEpdf includes a complete standalone PDF Viewer Application reference implementation (RI) that can be used as a PDF document viewing solution on any compliant Java platform.

While the ICEpdf Viewer application provided represents a complete commercial-quality PDF document viewing solution, it is also intended to be used as a learning aid on how to use various ICEpdf features, as well as a 'head-start' for developers whose requirements closely match the existing ICEpdf Viewer's capabilities and who simply need to refine the application to meet their needs.

The Viewer application leverages the same MVC architecture, SwingViewBuilder and SwingController classes as the embeddable viewer component. Additional functionality has been implemented to provide more complete PDF Viewer functionality, similar to Adobe Acrobat Reader.

The source code for this viewer application is available in the package org.icepdf.ri.viewer.

The application uses the following classes in addition to the PDF Viewer Component to implement a standalone viewer application:

  • WindowManager
  • FontPropertiesManager
  • PropertiesManager

These classes can be found in the org.icepdf.ri.viewer package.

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