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ICEmobile-Faces 1.0 Beta 2 Release Notes

Oct 10 2011

About This Release

ICEmobile-Faces 1.0 Beta 2 is the first release of ICEfaces-based framework for development of mobile web applications that deliver native look and feel to mobile devices.


These Release Notes include the following sections:


ICEfaces 2.0 is available for download in the following formats:

New Features

ICEmobile-Faces provides a JSF-based development environment for mobile Rich Internet Applications. The 1.0 Beta release is the first public release of ICEmobile-Faces, so all features are, in essence, new.


The ICEmobile-Faces Component Suite provides all the UI controls that you need to build mobile applications that deliver a native device user experience across a wide spectrum of mobile device types. This release includes:

  • Layout and Navigation Controls for page layout, navigation, and theming
  • Input and selection Controls for handling user input
  • Media Controls for presenting audio, video and images
  • Native Controls for accessing device capabilities like camera,
    camcorder, and microphone

See complete component documentation in the wiki.

Device Containers

ICEmobile provides native device containers that provide JavaScript integration to native device capabilities. Containers are available for the following mobile platforms:

  • Apple iOS
  • Google Android
  • RIM Blackberry

Device capabilities integration includes:

  • Camera
  • Camcorder
  • Microphone
  • QR Code Scanning

See complete container documentation in the [wiki].

Framework Enhancements

ICEmobile-Faces is based on the ICEfaces 2 framework and inherits all its features. Additionally, ICEmobile-Faces supports cloud-based push from within the standard Ajax Push infrastructure. Cloud push connectors are available for:

  • Email
  • Apple Push Notification Service (EE only)
  • Android Cloud to Device Messaging (EE only)
  • Blackberry Push Service (EE only)

Supported Platforms


This release is based on ICEfaces 2.1.0 Beta, and inherits supported JSF runtimes, browsers, and applications servers from that release. See ICEfaces release notes for details.

Device Containers

  • Google Android 2.2 or later
  • Apple iOS 4 or later
  • Blackberry Platform 6.0

Development Tips


If your application uses camera, microphone, or camcorder and you wish it to work in both desktop and mobile environments, add


to the form. Note that desktop file upload is not currently supported for ajax-enabled controls, so the submit button for this form should be either h:commandButton or mobi:commandButton. For more advanced Ajax use see [Desktop Portability].

Known Issues




  • HTML5 audio and video tags are not well supported prior to Android 2.3. Video and audio playback may not work on devices running Android 2.2 or earlier.


General issues
  • Flash and zoom controls are not yet available on the Camera widget extension.
  • Tactile feedback on camera and upload buttons (and various HTML5 elements) in the various camera screens is lacking. This can lead to multiple submission attempts (or none at all).
  • HTML5 Geolocation is not supported in the Blackberry.
  • On devices with a slide out keyboard, having the keyboard extended automatically puts the device in Portrait mode. The photo component depends on the Device.getOrientation method call to orient the thumbnail to the screen, so the thumbnail may be rotated incorrectly in this situation.
  • In a related sense, the video camera widget sized at 640x480 does not show up fullscreen unless it's used in Landscape mode. This is similar to the RIM camera application where the the same aspect ratio is maintained.
  • When using the video recorder, the user is asked for the following permission when using the video camera:
    The aplication ICEmobile is attempting to reset the security timer  [Allow][Deny]
    This appears to be a common issue on some devices when using APIs related to using the video camera in either recording or playback.
    Other uses of an API to reset the backlight timer cause this to occur, but the ICEmobile application does not use this API. If this question is asked repeatedly during normal use, it can be
    disabled through the application permissions menu:
    Options (wrench) -> Device -> Application Management -> ICEFaces Mobile Container -> Edit Permissions -> Interactions -> Reset Security Timer -> [Allow]
Development issues
  • Special care must be taken to execute javascript (including the executeScript(String script) calls) in the ScriptEngine instance fetched from the BrowserField instance when the document loads. The convenience method to execute scripts in the BrowserField instance results in a new ScriptEngine being created which does not have access to the javascript namespace defined by ICEmobile components and Bridge constructs.


Open source community support is available at

The ICEmobile community forums are available for questions, comments, or general discussions regarding ICEmobile.

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