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Installing From Android Market (Devices only)

The ICEmobile container can be installed on a device directly from the Android Market. This feature is not currently available on the emulator. You must install the container on the emulator using Command Line tools from the Android SDK.


Your device must be configured with an active gmail account to access the Android Market. Look here for instructions on how to setup a gmail account on your device.

Finding the ICEmobile Container

From your device, start the Market application as you would any other application. From the search bar do a search for "ICEsoft ICEmobile". This will return a single search results for the ICEmobile container, as illustrated below.

Installing the ICEmobile Container

Selecting ICEmobile from the search results will display the overview page for the application and present you with the option to install it, as illustrated below.

Press the "Install" button to start the installation, and then the "Accept and Download" to complete the installation, as illustrated below.

Starting the ICEmobile Container

Once the container is successfully installed, the Market application gives you the option to start it, as illustrated below.

Simply press the "Open" button, and the container will start. The default URL for the container points at the ICEmobile demo page, as illustrated below.

Follow the instructions below to change the URL used by the container.

Installing From Command Line

You can install the ICEmobile container on a device or the emulator directly from the downloadable .apk file.


Installing the ICEmobile Container

The Android SDK contains a command line tool called adb located at sdkInstallDir/platform-tools. To install the container on your device or emulator navigate to the platform_tools directory and use the command:

./adb install <path_to_apk> 

where <path_to_apk> points to the downloaded ICEmobileContainer.apk file.

Starting the ICEmobile Container

Once the container has been installed, you can start it from the standard application menu, like any other application. Look for the application icon

and press it. Once the application starts it will load the default URL, which is the ICEmobile demo page. See instructions for changing the URL below.

Changing the ICEmobile Container URL

To change the URL loaded by the container, press the options button, and select the "Preferences" page, which is illustrated below.

Select "Change URL", which will present an editable text field into which you can enter a new URL, as illustrated below.

Once you have entered a new URL, press the "Back" button, and the new page will be loaded in the container.

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