JSP Integration

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JSP Basics


ICEmobile JSP support is provided in the ICEmobile JSP Tag Library. The library includes a variety of web controls that enable you to build hybrid mobile applications using pure JSP development techniques. Tags are available for:

  • Layout and Navigation Controls for page layout, navigation, and theming
  • Input and selection Controls for handling user input
  • Native Controls for accessing device capabilities like camera,
    camcorder, and microphone

The tag library leverages the automatic device detection and theming capabilities of ICEmobile, so JSP pages will automatically adapt to the device they are being accessed from to provide a native look and feel to the application.

Resource Loading

The ICEmobile JSP tags require static resources such as CSS, images and JavaScript to function. ICEmobile provides the ResourceServlet class that serves ICEmobile-specific resources right out of the icemobile-jsp.jar.

Getting Started

It is straight forward to build a basic mobile JSP page with ICEmobile. Have a look at the Getting Started with ICEmobile and JSP tutorial for all the details.

It is important to note that JSP page processing results in a full-page refresh of the application, which might not satisfy the requirements for your mobile application. A variety of Ajax techniques can be applied to improve the performance of your application, but the ICEmobile Tag Library provides no specific Ajax support.

ICEmobile Tags

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