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 h1. ICEpush 2.0.0 Alpha 3 Release Notes
 *_April 21st, 2010_*
 h3. About This Release
 ICEpush v2.0 Alpha 3 is an early developer milestone release for the ICEpush project.
 ICEpush unleashes the power of Ajax Push in a wide range of Java and JavaScript technologies, enabling the development of revolutionary, collaborative web applications. Building on years of expertise with Ajax Push in ICEfaces and JSF, ICEpush provides a lightweight Notification Core that enables asynchronous communication over standard HTTP connections using only standard client browser capabilities. An integration layer adapts the Core to a variety of Java and JavaScript web development technologies. ICEpush Integration Bundles provide everything you needs to get started using ICEpush with your technology of choice, including:
 ||Java Technologies || JavaScript Technologies||
 | JSP | JavaScript (raw) |
 | Spring MVC | JQuery |
 | GWT | Prototype |
 | Wicket | |
 For more information about [ICEpush|] and the supported integration bundles, see [|].
 h3. Supported Platforms
 The ICEpush integrations require the following:
 * JDK 1.5+
 * Servlet 2.5+
 The ICEpush integration bundles in this release have been tested on the following application servers, using other applications servers should be possible, but unforeseen problems may arise:
 * Glassfish v3
 * JBoss 4.2
 * Tomcat 6.0
 h3. Known Issues
  h3. Note
 The following section describes the most commonly encountered known issues with this release:
 h4. General
 * ICEpush is limited to a single push application per server in this release. Viewing multiple ICEfaces push applications in the same browser from the same host server concurrently will result in only one of the applications having functional push capabilities.
 h3. Support
 Open source community support is available at
 All questions, comments, or general discussions specific to ICEpush 2.0 Alpha should be made in the [ICEpush forum|].

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