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 h1. PushButton:
 See the namespace definition requirements on Slider component
  page should look like:
 <html xmlns:ann="http://www.icesoft.com/icefaces/component/annotated"
 <h:body class="yui-skin-sam">
  <h:form >
  <ann:pushbutton />
 *basic attributes:*
 &nbsp;actionListener, example:-
  <h:form id="myform">
  <h:panelGroup id="push1" class="yui-button yui-push-button">
  <ann:pushbutton id="pushId" label="submitForm"
  actionListener="#{button.actionListenerMethod}" />
 &nbsp;image and action
  <h:form id="myform2">
  <h:panelGroup id="push2">
  <ann:pushbutton id="pushId2" label="Action"
  action="#{button.methodAction}" />
 h2. Additional attributes:
 *&nbsp;Defining style:*
 &nbsp; a pass through to the root element of the component.
 *&nbsp;Defining style class:*
 &nbsp; a pass through to the root element of the component.
 *&nbsp;Defining tabindex:*
 &nbsp; a pass through to the root element of the component, default=0.
 *&nbsp;Defining disabled:*
 &nbsp; a pass through to the root element of the component.
 *&nbsp;Defining the submission behaviour:*
 &nbsp;When singleSubmit attribute is true, the pushbutton only submits an event request a submit call with execute=@this and render=@all, if false then full submit happens where execute being set to @all. default valid is false.
 h2. Keyboard and ARIA support:
 &nbsp;Pushbutton component supports keyboard short-cuts and ARIA. Aria support can be enabled at page level or at application level. By default ARIA is enabled at application level.
 &nbsp;To enable/disable ARIA at page level, the ice:config tag handler can used:
  <ice:config ariaEnabled="true"/>
 &nbsp;To enable/disable ARIA at application level, the following param can be set in web.xml.
 h3. Keyboard short-cuts supported by pushbutton:
 * space or enter key will fire the button's onclick event
 &nbsp;Aria role="button", aria-describedby and aria-disabled properties supported
 h4. Storyboard
 ||Action ||hover |
 | yui-class |yui-pushbutton-hover|
  ||Action || focus ||hover ||active ||selected || disabled ||onkeypress ||aria |
 | yui-class| yui-button-focus |yui-button-hover| yui-button-active | yui-button-disabled | space or enter will submit | role, disabled, description |

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