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 h1. ICEfaces 4.2.0.BETA Release Notes
 *_December 22nd, 2016_*
 h2. Contents
 * [About This Release|#about]
 * [Downloads|#downloads]
 * [What's New in 4.2.0.BETA|#notablechanges]
 * [Supported Platforms|#supportedplatforms]
 * [Known Issues|#knownissues]
 * [3rd Party Libraries|#3rdlibs]
 * [Support|#support]
 h2. About This Release
 ICEfaces 4.2.0.BETA preview release of ICEfaces 4.2 and is not suitable for production use.
 Release Highlights:
 * The all-new ace:schedule component features:
 ** Month, Week, or Day views of scheduled events.
 ** Built-in functionality to add, edit and delete events.
 ** Event details can be displayed on a popup, on a sidebar, or on a tooltip.
 ** Supports lazy-loading mode, only loading the events that are visible in the current view for a given date.
 ** Includes time-zone support for user, so that international events can be displayed in the local user's time.
 ** Ajax support for nine different actions within the component, and multiple ways to configure the component for a more custom user experience.
 * The new ace:colorEntry component features:
 ** Comprehensive color selection support based on the JQuery Color Picker widget.
 ** Inline, input/popup, and popup button display modes.
 * ace:growlMessages can now support Native Platform Notifications on supported browsers/platforms.
 * mobi:camera and mobi:microphone can now use device cameras/microphones without requiring the BridgeIt app. on supported browsers/platforms.
 * 100+ Bug fixes
 h2. Downloads
 ICEfaces is available for download in the following formats:
 * [Binary and Source-code Bundles|]
  * [ICEsoft Maven Repository|]
 * [Subversion Source-code Repository|]
 h2. What's New in 4.2.0.BETA?
 h4. ACE Components
 {tip}See the [ACE Components Wiki|] for reference documentation on these components.{tip}
 * [ICE-9482|] - New ace:schedule component
 * [ICE-9993|] - New "Maximize/Restore" button for ace:dialog header
 * [ICE-10612|] - New ace:colorEntry component
 * [ICE-10898|] - Add "Reset" capability to ACE, MOBI components
 * [ICE-11015|] - ace:growlMessages - Add support for Native Platform Notifications
 * [ICE-10205|] - ace:menu/menuBar - add a showDelay functionality
 * [ICE-10453|] - ace:selectMenu - add "showListOnInput" attribute
 * [ICE-10468|] - ace:tree - Add ability to get relavant node objects for different events
 * [ICE-10643|] - ace:tabSet - Add keyboard navigation support
 * [ICE-10642|] - ace:dataTable - Accesskey Support
 * [ICE-10735|] - Add "accesskey" attribute support to all eligible ACE components.
 * [ICE-10809|] - ace:dataTable - Add new "enhMultiple" selection mode
 * [ICE-10826|] - ace:submitMonitor - Add support for displaying error messages asynchronously
 * [ICE-10854|] - ace:gMapMarker - Add ability to set marker with just an address
 * [ICE-10878|] - ace:dataTable - Add a fast forward and fast rewind buttons for pagination
 * [ICE-10883|] - Add new "validateOn" attribute to ACE clientValidate* components
 * [ICE-10897|] - Support for Client-side Validators with "immediate=true" during ace:ajax submits
 * [ICE-10899|] - Add a new "reset" mode to the ace:pushButton, ace:linkButton
 * [ICE-10918|] - ace:dateTimeEntry "Now" button should honor timeZone attribute
 * [ICE-10960|] - Improve styleClass attribute functionality for ace:pushButton
 * [ICE-10977|] - Allow ace:radioButton(s) to take a null value
 * [ICE-10987|] - ace:dataExporter - add support for the encoding attribute
 * [ICE-11009|] - Render 'style' attribute on main component elements instead of root container
 * [ICE-11014|] - ace:textEntry, replace input element when setting it to type="password"
 * [ICE-11017|] - Update CKEditor to version 4.5.8 to support MS Edge Browser
 * [ICE-11123|] - Support using buttonGroup with none-nested buttons via "group" attribute
 * [ICE-11155|] - Performance analysis of radioButton and checkboxButton in dataTable and ui:repeat
 * [ICE-11170|] - allow format of dataLabels for pie chart (SectorSeries)
 h4. Mobile (MOBI) Components
 {tip}See the [MOBI Components Wiki|] for reference documentation on these components.{tip}
 * [ICE-11176|] - Support HTML5 "Navigator.mediaDevices.getUserMedia()" when available on mobi:camera and mobi:microphone
 * [ICE-11016|] - Ensure mobile input components comply with ICEfaces 4 standard ajax submit
 h4. ICEfaces Framework
 {tip}See the [CORE Components Wiki|] for reference documentation on these components.{tip}
 * [ICE-10129|] - Add the capability to dynamically change the lang attribute of an <html> tag.
 * [ICE-10757|] - Add a sessionTimeoutRedirectURI parameter
 * [ICE-10850|] - Global console logging - Add ability to select all logs
 * [ICE-10851|] - Global console logging - Add ability to send the logs to a file on the system
 * [ICE-10884|] - Add meta tag to Global logging page
 * [ICE-10975|] - icecore:focusManager - Support setting focus to buttons and links
 * [ICE-10992|] - Introduced context parameter for disabling request for updates on page load
 * [ICE-10998|] - 'ice.window', 'ice.view' parameters vulnerable to JS injection attack
 * [ICE-11106|] - Change the default protocol for loading the bridgeit.js file to 'https'
 * [ICE-11113|] - Optimize ICEfaces memory consumption
 * [ICE-11116|] - Reduce size of rendered markup
 h4. ICEpush
 {tip}See the [ICEpush Wiki|] reference documentation.{tip}
 * [PUSH-381|] - Add checks for illegal arguments to the PushContext
 * [PUSH-386|] - Improve HTML5 localStorage detection
 * [PUSH-387|] - Avoid blocking connection switchover whenever a new window is opened
 {tip:title=Change Log}For a complete list of all changes in this release, see the related ICEpush JIRA [Change Log|].{tip}
 h4. Samples
 * ICEfaces Showcase
 * All new demos for ace:schedule, ace:colorEntry, and other enhanced components
 * Bug fixes
 * Emporium
 * [ICE-11157|] - Emporium "click to change item image" fails to load new images
 h4. JSF Runtimes
 * Mojarra JSF has been updated to v2.2.14 in this release.
 * MyFaces JSF has been updated to 2.2.11 in this release.
 {tip:title=Change Log}For a complete list of all changes in this release, see the related JIRA [Change Log|].{tip}
 h2. Supported Platforms
 h3. JSF Runtimes
 * Oracle Mojarra JSF 2.2.1-2.2.14 (2.2.14 included). Note that 2.2.8 is not supported in this release (see [ICE-10335|] for details).
 * Apache MyFaces JSF 2.2.x (2.2.11 included)
 h3. Java VM
 * Java 6 (1.6)+
 h3. Browsers
 * Chrome 55
 * Edge
 * Firefox 50
 * IE 8 - 11 (MOBI Components require IE10+)
 * Safari 10
 h4. Mobile Browsers
 * Apple iOS 9.x, 10.x (Safari)
 * Google Android 5.x, 6.x (Chrome)
 h3. Application Servers
 * Apache Tomcat 7, 8
 * Oracle Glassfish 4.1.1
 * RedHat WildFly 10.1
 * Possible to use with older none EE7 servers if JSF 2.2 libraries can be configured.
 h2. Known Issues
 The following section describes the most commonly encountered known issues with this release:
 h4. General
 * Client state saving mode is not supported by ICEfaces - it is required to use SERVER state saving mode.
 * It is required to specify "h:head" and "h:body" tags in your ICEfaces application pages.
 * Applications must avoid the use of "javascript: void(0)" in browser DOM event handlers as this technique causes the "onBeforeOnload" event handler to be called in IE, which results in the ICEfaces bridges shutting down (thinking that the page is being navigated away from).
 h4. deltaSubmit
 * The following standard "h:" components are not supported by the deltaSubmit feature (due to a problematic rendering technique that they utilize):
 ** h:selectOneMenu
 ** h:selectManyMenu
 ** h:selectOneListbox
 ** h:selectManyListbox
 * The work-around is to use similar alternative components instead, such as ace:simpleSelectOneMenu, or ace:list.
 h4. ICEpush
 * ICEpush (icepush.jar) asynchronous update support is limited to a single ICEfaces application per host-name/server.
 ** Viewing multiple ICEfaces applications in the same browser from the same host server concurrently will result in only one of the applications having functional push capabilities.
 ** Support for pushing asynchronous updates to multiple ICEfaces applications from the same server/host-name requires the use of the [Enterprise Push Server|] (EPS), which is included in [ICEfaces EE|] (Enterprise Edition).
 ** This is necessary because the browser cannot support multiple concurrent push connections, so all push traffic must be multiplexed at a single point on the server.
 h4. JSF Runtimes
 * This release _requires_ JSF 2.2+. JSF 2.1 runtimes are not supported.
 * Note that Mojarra JSF 2.2.8 is not supported in this release (see [ICE-10335|] for details). JSF 2.2.12 is the latest Mojarra release certified with ICEfaces 4.1.
 h4. Browsers
 * The following features rely on HTML5 support in the browser, and are not supported on IE8 or IE9:
 ** All MOBI components
 ** icecore:navigationNotifier
 ** ace:audioPlayer and ace:videoPlayer
 ** ace:textEntry "secret" mode is not supported on IE8.
 h4. IDE Support
 * ICEfaces 4 does not require specialized IDE integration bundles, but rather can be used directly with leading JSF 2.2-supporting IDEs.
 * IDE tutorials are available to explain the steps required to configure your NetBeans 8.x or Eclipse 4.4 IDE projects for ICEfaces 4: [IDE Tutorials for NetBeans and Eclipse|]
 h2. 3rd Party Libraries
 The license and version information for all required/included 3rd Party libraries for this release is available [here|].
 h2. Support
 Open source community support is available at [].
 The [ICEfaces Community Forums|] are available for questions, comments, or general discussions regarding ICEfaces.
 Commercial [support agreements|] are also available.

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