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 h3. @org.icefaces.bean.AllWindowsClosed
 Use the @AllWindowsClosed method annotation with session-scoped beans that need to be notified when all browser windows for that session are closed. This is useful in cases where the application wants to actively cleanup a user-session upon window close.
 @AllWindowClosed annotation will work correctly as long the application is configured with org.icefaces.lazyWindowScope set to false or the application uses window scoped beans in its pages. By doing so the browser will notify the server every time a window is closed and eventually when all windows are closed, @AllWindowClosed annotated methods will be called.
 { with @AllWindowsClosed}
 package org.icefaces.demo;
 import javax.faces.bean.ManagedBean;
 import javax.faces.bean.SessionScoped;
 import org.icefaces.bean.AllWindowsClosed;
 @ManagedBean(name = "mySessionScopedBean")
 public class MySessionScopedBean implements Serializable {
 public void allWindowsForSessionClosed(){
  //clean up code goes here
 In case the annotated method needs access to the current FacesContext the method can define a single parameter of type FacesContext. When the method will be invoked the current FacesContext will be passed in.
 public void allWindowsForSessionClosed(FacesContext context){
  //do something with the context

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