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 h3. About the Content Extraction Examples
 The Content Extraction examples demonstrate how to use the ICEpdf Document class to extract meta-data, text, and images from within a PDF document.
 There are three individual extraction examples:
 * {{{*}{*}}} \- Extracts the images from the first page of the loaded PDF document.
 * {{{*}{*}}} \- Extracts document meta-data such as title, author, creator, creation date, etc.
 * {{{*}{*}}} \- Extracts the text from the first page of the loaded PDF document if any exists.
 The source-code for the example is located at [].
 The source-code for these examples is located at:
 * [].
 A primer on using Maven or Gradle build commands can be found [here (Maven)|] and [here (Gradle)|]

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