ICEfaces 3.1+ and Maven

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ICEfaces 3.1+ and Maven

Starting with ICEfaces 3.1.0, ICEfaces provides more complete support for using Maven.

From the Maven Central Repository

The Maven poms and jars for older distributions before 3.1.0 are located in the following ICEfaces Maven repository. With ICEfaces 3.0.x, this required that you add the following repository entry to your settings files or poms:

     <!-- This entry is not required with ICEfaces 3.1.x -->

Starting with ICEfaces 3.1.0, the ICEfaces libraries are now available in the central Maven repository ( so you no longer need to include the ICEfaces repository in your settings files or poms.

Add the dependencies for the libraries you wish to use. For example to add the ACE components and the transitive dependency on ICEfaces:


Building and Installing to Local Maven Repository

In versions of ICEfaces prior to 3.1.0, there was no support for building the ICEfaces libraries themselves using Maven. Now there are poms provided so that you can build and install ICEfaces core artifacts using standard Maven commands.

To package and install all the core libraries using Maven:

  • Open a console or shell and navigate to the navigate to the directory where ICEfaces is installed e.g. _[icefaces.install.dir]/icefaces/. Type the following into the console and hit Enter:
> mvn clean package install

This will compile, jar, and install all the core libraries (icefaces, icefaces-ace, icefaces-compat, and icepush) into your local Maven repository.

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