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ICEpush is a foundational technology that provides Ajax Push capabilities to [ICEfaces|] and [ICEmobile|]. At the core of ICEpush is a lightweight, web-based, asynchronous notification protocol that enables pushing of real-time dynamic updates from a server-based web application to a client browser connected to that application. The following documentation is available:
| [*Notification Protocol Overview*|Notification Protocol Overview]: Describes the basics of the notification protocol, and how it integrates with a web application to enable pushing of real-time notifications. |
| [*JavaScript Integration*|JavaScript Integration]: Describes the available JavaScript APIs for directly integration ICEpush with JavaScript/HTML5-based web applications.|
| [*JSF Integration*|]: ICEfaces integrates with ICEpush, but provides it's own set of Ajax Push API's for JSF developer's to work with.|
| [*JSP Integration*|]: ICEpush provides a JSP tag library that can be used with ICEmobile to support JSP/Spring MVC-based mobile application development.|
| [*Configuring the Cloud Push Email Notification Provider*|Cloud Push with the E-mail Notification Provider]: Explains how to configure the Cloud Push Email Provider to send email notifications to users who are offline.
| [*ICEpush Configuration Parameters*|ICEpush Configuration Parameters]: Describes specialized ICEpush configuration options.|